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Answers to Celebrity Transhumanist Gossip Quiz #1

Posted: Mon, October 15, 2012 | By: QUIZ

​Answers to questions that were asked HERE:

1. Aubrey de Grey

2. Natasha Vita-More

3. Dale Carrico

4. Martine Rothblatt

5. George Dvorsky

6. New Zealand

7. Bill Andrews

8. Ben Goertzel

9. Miriam Ji Sun, aka Miriam Leis

10. Maria Konovalenko


What’s your score?

9-10      you must have cheated

7-8        I’m impressed - want to be editor of People+ ?

5-6        Rest assured. You only know a healthy amount

3-4        Develop some curiosity, please

1-2        Hey?!  you’re too cool for this rubbish?!


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