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Celebrity Transhumanist Gossip Quiz

Posted: Thu, October 25, 2012 | By: QUIZ

​Do you believe in 100% transparency?  Okay? Let’s dish…

How well do you know your extended international family in the transhumanist community? Maybe you read some books, but what about the “inside” information in the H+ Who’s Who World?

I’ll skip the obvious questions, like: who vanished, went AWOL last March, from H+ friends and family?

Ready for some tough challenges? Here’s ten queries from the singularity grapevine that will test your prattling knowledge:

1. This transhumanist is occasionally seen in youtube videotapes punting in English canals. What’s her/his name?

2. Seminal transhumanist FM-2030 (born 1930, died 2000) was the romantic partner of someone who is presently an H+ leader. What his/her name? 

3. Transhumanism has many enemies. Prominent among them is a Berkeley academic who refers to us as “Robot Cultists.” What’s her/his name?

4. This philanthropic transhumanist established a non-profit that awards $4,000 grants to projects in  “geoethical nanotechnology and personal cyberconsciousness.” What’s his/her name?

5. This director of a techoprogressive/transhumanist think tank is a Paleo dieter and a CrossFit devote who can dead lift 400 lbs. What’s his/her name?

6. “Kalkinism” is the philosophy developed by Amon Kalkin, of Zero State. Identify the nation where he/she grew up.

7. Name the telomere researcher who recently ran a 138 miles ultra marathon in the Himalayas.

8. Psychedelic drug R & D on a sea-steading ship has been proposed by this H+ leader. What’s her/his name?

9. Formerly the leader of German Transhumanists, this individual is now the director of the Singapore Longevity Party.

10. This spokesperson for Russian Transhumanism is currently applying for graduate schools in the USA. What’s his/her name?

Answers are HERE 


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