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FEMEN Topless Activist “Nuns” Fight for Gay Rights in Paris

Posted: Thu, December 13, 2012 | By: Hank Pellissier

The Ukrainian feminist-activist groupFEMEN, renowned for their topless, confrontational tactics, engaged in a rough skirmish with Catholics last month - November 19 - on the streets of Paris.

FEMEN, (partially) costumed as nuns, was there to support socialist President Francois Hollande’s plan to legalize gay marriage and gay adoption. The women intercepted a march of 9,000 anti-gay protesters - Catholics organized byCivitas- who were carrying banners with slogans like “France needs children, not homosexuals.”

Civitas is not officially-condoned by the French Catholic Church. It isclose, however, to the far-right National Front and the rebel traditionalist Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX). On their bare chests, the FEMEN “sextremists” had painted “In Gay We Trust.” Encountering the Catholics, they chanted pro-gay slogans and sprayed powdered “sperm.”

Their agit-prop was not greeted amusedly, or tolerantly, by the Catholic marchers. 

Violence broke out as the “pro-family” homophobes attackedFEMEN in rage, punching them and throwing objects. The battle was quickly broken up by police.

Femen reported two casualties - one victim suffered a broken nose, another lost a tooth.

Civitas was unapologetic. Official spokesman Alain Escada told Associated Foreign Press, “Our objective is to wage a real battle to protect the family and child.” Escada opined that gay marriage might eventually lead to legalizing polygamous and incestuous marriages.

Themajority of French citizens support gay marriage, according to Reuters.

FEMEN is demonstrating again in Paris, for gay rights, on December 16th, at 14:00 at the Bastille. Be there if you can! Information is availableHERE

A general guide to FEMEN’s history, activities and activists can be viewedHERE.  

Transhumanity.netapplauds FEMEN for their brave activism; we hope transhumanists will emulate their courage and imagination in protests to gain H+ goals, such as budget increases that support research in radical life life extension.Transhumanity.netwill provide regular reportage on innovative social activism around the world, to inform our community of creative ways to realize ambitions via public displays. Even with small numbers, we can have a loud voice.

An additional photo and a video of FEMEN’s Paris skirmish are provided below:

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