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Longevity Meme Contest - WINNERS!

Posted: Wed, December 12, 2012 | By: Memes

The winning entries of the Longevity Meme Contest have finally been determined.

It was brutally difficult to decide the best memes out of approximately 200 contestants, especially because there appeared to be a variety of “sub-categories” even within the somewhat narrow definition of a “Longevity Meme.”

Who helped pick the winners?  Multiple voices were listened to. David Kekich - the CEO of Maximum Life Extension - examined most of the memes and passed on his opinions. Alex Lightman posted his personal favorite to his 5,000 Facebook friends, and Marios Kyriazis expressed his viewpoint. I had a say in the matter, as did contributor Carol Lloyd. She’s not a transhumanist or part of the life extension community, so I felt she offered a non-biased POV.

She awarded 1st Prize, with the Blue Ribbon $50 gift, to the meme below by Jason Xu, who has served as an intern at SENS, plus he’s the founder of Live Forever Fellowship, Silicon Valley Terasem, and a writer. Carol believes the meme below offers “a positive and persuasive message” to the general public. Unlike many of the other entries, there isn’t any animosity against deathists in the meme, nor is any  “inside baseball” knowledge required to understand it. It’s romantic and sad with “chick flick” and “mainstream” appeal. Congratulations Jason!

Second Prize - $30 - goes to Sean Emery Flatt for his Dante meme below. Sean is Longevity Party leader of Canada and founder of the website Longevity Hub. This meme is a favorite of mine, and also of Carol Lloyd’s. Admittedly, it’s appeal is focused on literary, academic, and intellectual crowds, but that’s a demographic that the life extension movement needs to align itself with. (Of course, anyone  examining the meme wants to include themselves as one of the “wise.”) Also, I find the graphic very attractive.


Third Prize - $20 - goes to the prolific Roen Horn for the Willie Wonka meme below. Roen submitted about 75 memes to the contest, more than anyone else. he generates a lot of memes as director of The Eternal Life Fan Club. ( is going to be publishing many of Roen’s memes, in small batches - tomorrow we’ll probably post his hysterical Batman-slapping-Robin series.)


With 200 entries, it would be silly to only depict the top three, so here’s another handful that we enjoyed, to share with you. First, at the top, there’s another one by Sean Emery Flatt. This one was the favorite of Alex Lightman, and it was also admired by Carol Lloyd. She felt, however, that it wold be stronger if it used the word “expiration” instead of expiry, and she also thought the subtext was too small and hard-to-read.

Here’s a fun feline one by Curtis Mayfield, who have haven’t mentioned yet. Congrats!

Carol Lloyd liked this entry by Italian transhumanist Giovanni Ranzo:

Here’s a “Men’s Magazine” Meme from Joern Pallensen of Denmark. Very attractive. Although it didn’t win a prize, I think this entry will perhaps receive more lingering attention than others.


I love “Overly-Attached Girl” memes, and this one is my favorite, and Carol Lloyd’s as well. Jason Xu sent this one in.

And finally, one more by Roen Horn, for film aficionados. This one was lauded by David Kekich…

To make these memes work successfully at promoting Indefinite Life Extension, we need to distribute them. Send them out to your friends, transhumanists and non-transhumanists. Enlist them in supporting the campaign to end miserable death!


Do you have memes of your own? On Life Extension or other Transhumanist topics?  Send them in, to Ideally, send in only your top quality memes in groups of 4-7, we’re happy to post them on our site.


The winning Meme does indeed offer “a positive and persuasive message”, so well deserved !

I have no idea if any of you have thought about this, but I heard on the News that 100 + couples were married today in the Copenhagen Town Hall, due to the special date: 12-12-2012.. - How appropriate ! - Perhaps those 100 + newly married MEN will NOT forget 12-12-2013… - I wonder how many got married on this special day World-wide.. - This Meme would have made a great gift..

Ps. Proud my own “Men’s Magazine” Meme is getting attention : )

By joern pallensen on Dec 12, 2012 at 12:20pm

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