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Sexbots Will Satisfy Our “Sick” Fantasies

Posted: Wed, January 09, 2013 | By: Hank Pellissier

When the nurse asks you to disrobe for a checkup… when the doctor inspects your organs… when the dentist invades your mouth… when the lab assistant stabs you for a blood sample… do you palpitate with sexual imaginings?

If you do, you are quite “normal” -

If the blue scrubs and metallic equipment offers a fetishist appeal to you - if your helpless feelings when you visit the hospital are accompanied by a tingling vulnerability…

Don’t worry… you’re just “white bread” because…

Naughty thoughts about our medical practitioners isn’t perverse… it’s pervasive!



My theory is this:

1. they’re curious about our bodies

2. they touch us, inside and out

3. they ask us filthy private questions

4. they accept our gross bio-functions

5. they cure us and rescue our lives

Isn’t this Foreplay!? And Love?!  

A poll in Agency France Presse claims nurses are the #1 fantasy of British men, the object of desire for 54%. Women also dream feverishly about doctors, psychiatrists and dentists. Nancy Friday (feminist eroticist) has described the libidinous joy of “doctors fucking me on a table.” Clit-Lit often features dentists who are “filling more than cavities.” 

Alas!  Our “sick” fantasies about medical practitioners - from grizzled brain surgeons to nubile interns who want urine samples - are rarely consummated. We’re just “patients” to them; diagnostic problems to be solved.

But my prediction is… in the future… we might be… humping our healers…

The scifi novel Ecotopia - written by Ernest Callenbach in 1975 - foretold our erotic medical destiny. Arriving at a near-future California hospital with a deep wound, the book’s protagonist - William Weston - gets assigned to an attractive, affectionate nurse (Linda). She cares for him with a professional touch that includes stroking him until he orgasms. This “feel good” treatment isn’t clandestine - it’s “standard procedure” in the book’s promising vision.

My prophecy is different. I believe our medical visits might be lusty in 18-25 years - but our sessions won’t be with Humans… they’ll be with SexBots.

Why? Two reasons:

1. Dr. Droid. Trends point towards the rapid robotization of medical care. Advantages are numerous. Computerized machines don’t fall asleep with scalpels in their hands at the end of 36 hour shifts; they’re also never drunk, shaky, or malicious. Robots - diagnosing, cutting, and repairing us accurately - can work without rest, resentment, food, payment or bathroom breaks. Healthcare recently described ten robots that were breaking into the medical business, from plaque-scraping micro-bots to a mobile manipulator nurse, called Cody. 

2. Customer Satisfaction. Sexbots will be seeping into the market shortly; first, for private use as an upgrade to blow-up dolls and dildos.  Next, they’ll be available as prostitutes. Simultaneously, they’ll be programmed with additional skills - they’ll play chess and trivia at adjustable levels, they’ll cook, clean, teach foreign languages, etc. Eventually, their erotic services will be provided as a perk to consumers scanning the enticing benefits in competitive fields, like health care services.

Let’s face it - most people don’t like to go to the doctor or dentist. Especially men. Millions of lives are lost annually because people procrastinate with their health - they hope their emerging physiological problems will “just disappear.” 

People need to be seduced into regular check-ups… so let’s provide a quivering award, with SexBots!

Here’s three ways sexbots can be used to make “sick leave” far more fun - 

The Total Caboose - Imagine this, dudes. Your doctor who attends to your rectal health is a curvy she’bot who straps you face down with your legs spread for a prostrate exam and colonoscopy. After freshening the air with lime spray from her nipples, she divinely massages you, before gliding her slippery 18-inch techno-tongue into your anus. The techno-tongue (equipped with multiple apps) measures your prostrate gland and pumps it gently until a sperm sample oozes out, for analyzation. Proceeding deeper, the wiggling tongue adjusts your intestinal flora, and surgically removes all your polyps with localized anesthetics. 

Dental Drilling with Hair Therapy - Lean back in a reclining chair, lowering your balding pate into warm water. The lovely/handsome lips of the dentist approach you, kissing you with mesmerizing skill. As you melt in the dentist’s mouth, the techno-tongue “Frenches” you with brushes, floss, and picks for immaculate oral cleansing. The probing, compassionate tongue also repairs all cavities it encounters - even root canals are drilled and crowned, aided by hallucinatory anesthetics. Simultaneously, your hair is trimmed, shampooed, conditioned, and transplanted with fresh follicles, if necessary.

Carnal CardioVascular - How’s your ticker? It’s healthy to know what your V02 maximum is, but boring to sweat on a treadmill. So… your Doc’bot gives you a “Rockefeller” instead, named after Nelson whose heart exploded gleefully in the arms of his mistress. Coital electrocardiograms performed by ethereally beautiful cyborgs accelerate your heart to total rapidity; long after orgasm, electrodes attached to your body are still ecstatically vibrating. If danger is discovered in your valves or coronary arteries, a door pop open in your sexDoc’bot’s abdomen - equipment spews out to saw you open, and strengthen you.

These three technologies might be accompanied by dozens of other robotic-erotic devises. Think I’m dreaming? Notice how fast the world is changing… did you envision 10 years ago that prominent Republicans would proclaim gay marriage an over-and-done issue? 

Plus, admit it… The scenarios above sound enticing, right? 

More fun than scowling nurses that smell like bedpans.  Or pill-popping physicians with bloodshot eyes and scabby fingernails.

When we were youngsters, we “played doctor” because it was Fun… Let’s return to that early enjoyment. articles on Sex Robots

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Aliaa Mahdi is someone to fantasize about—who says blondes have more fun? Whoever chooses the pix at knows how to pick ‘em:

Btw, the reason ‘bots interest me, in general, is I honestly do not think people will ever get along well enough to justify calling the world decent or virtuous, moral or ethical. The prudes don’t get that; they are blinded by nostalgia as well as their prudery. It all comes down (again, in general, not merely re sexuality) to living in a past that no longer exists. The squares say ‘be hardheaded’ to us, yet they themselves are softheaded in many ways, though not softhearted—they are surely headstrong about living in the past; and I wont temporise with them anymore. Besides we simply cannot be all things to everyone.
No one other than a rapist will force others to have sex or would want to push a sexually fantasizing meme on recalcitrants. Squares are quite frequently such contrarians anyway that if you express an interest in sexuality, they often dismiss it as being base even though war films and books are far sicker and fetishistic.

By Alan Brooks on Jan 09, 2013 at 2:21pm

How will separate-species transhumanists engage in sexual action with robotic doctors? Will the sexbots have to special made, or would such a patient simply be out of luck?

By ZombiezuRFER on Jan 09, 2013 at 8:09pm

Njam smile

By Khannea on Jan 10, 2013 at 12:11am

“How will separate-species transhumanists engage in sexual action with robotic doctors? Will the sexbots have to special made, or would such a patient simply be out of luck?”

Why, bots could be rented out as Housecall Doctors. After an assignation… I mean, appointment.. is over, the ‘bot returns to the office to await the next call—or perhaps is texted to go to another address directly.
It takes a small mind to figure out the small things!

By Alan Brooks on Jan 10, 2013 at 1:36pm

Anyone looked into making sexually-transmitted enhancements yet?

By Chris on May 16, 2013 at 10:34pm

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