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“Smart Drugs”  can Give you a Sharp, Fresh Brain

Posted: Sat, January 05, 2013 | By: Hank Pellissier

Are you BORED with your brain? Did your mind once erupt with fifteen weird ideas before breakfast but now… creativity throws you a bone once a week and it’s useless ‘cause when you check Google you find 176,000 people got there before you? Do you want SMART DRUGS! NOW!?!?!

That’s how I feel, so I telephoned the Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute (CERI) in Menlo Park. It’s directed by Steven Wm. Fowkes, who’s been interviewed by Larry King and Dr. Dean Edell on the topic. 

“Name ten smart drugs,” I beg him. “At least eight; I might need them all.”

Here’s what he told me…

Multi-vitamins, or B-complex vitamins with minerals, must be put at the top. They deserve more respect. Multi-vitamins enhance foundational level influences, they provide ‘nuts and bolts’, building the infrastructure, the basic parts used throughout the brain.”

(Praising their prowess, he relayed to me a stunning story: when multi-vitamins were distributed to two separate groups of grade-school students, in California and England, the IQs of one-third of the students rose by 10 points! Admittedly, only the vitamin-depleted children got boosted; the kids who were already properly-nourished didn’t get any shrewder. But still, that’s an educator’s dream—a 3.3 point overall class IQ elevation! Plus, when this was utilized in juvenile correction facilities, fights decreased by 50% in 48 hours. The cost? 5-10 cents per child, per day—what a bargain.)

“That’s great,” I tell him. “But… anything for me?

Piracetam,” he continues. “Really changed my life, it benefits me on a daily level. It’s a nontoxic, left-brain, right-brain communicator that boosts activity in the corpus callosum, providing enhanced verbal and writing abilities. Piracetam strengthens my writing, talking and editing skills. My verbal IQ is 20 points less than my spatial IQ… I had verbal deficits that were a weak spot in my talents, a glitch in my software, I used to hate the challenge of writing papers… It’s been a blessing to discover Piracetam… 

It helps me deliver speeches, as well. I once had horrible stage fright, but now, I feel relaxed and connected to my audiences. I strongly advise it for teachers, lecturers, writers. Also, children with Down’s syndrome benefit, due to their impaired corpus callosum development. Their verbal skills increase in about a week. And finally, I recommend it to all men, because our corpus callosum bundle is only half the size of women’s, and we can use their multi-tasking abilities.”

“More drugs,” I implore him. “More.”

Hormone replacement therapy… if you need it. Many hormones—thyroid, testosterone, progesterone, cortisol—have potential influences on the brain. Thyroid problems are especially rampant in our society…. but their levels are routinely misdiagnosed by the medical profession. My advice, really, is… I’m a firm believer in the Lab-Rats-R-Us approach—you need to measure your own brain with performance tests to determine where you’re at and if the smart drugs you’re taking are productive. There’s lots of software and games out there where you can do ‘self-care’ experiments. For example, Tetris. Or join a local Quantified Self meet-up group.”

“Okay,” I urge him. “Go ahead, tell me others.”

Coconut oil… It’s amazingly beneficial for brain function. It flows right into mitochondria, turning on the fat-burning systems, the brain gets sharper and sharper, it reverse Alzheimer’s disease. I buy it in 50 pound containers and use it in cooking, baking, salad dressing, chocolate…”

Deprenyl, also called Selegiline… It improves drive, assertiveness and motivational tone. It also has anti-aging side effects; it restores the neuroendocrine system and increases sex drive, giving it across-the-board appeal to the male psyche. Middle-aged-and-older men rave about it. Its approved by the FDA and can be imported from overseas for about $85/month.”

Modafinil… That’s by prescription only. The French military used modafinil with their airforce pilots, with excellent results. Modafinil can be useful for students or people with ADHD. It stimulates alertness.”

NADH… Also known as coenzyme 1. Not everybody needs it, but all energy is derived from it. It affects brain-energy systems in people with Parkinson’s disease.”

Gingko biloba… I like it, I have used it, people show improvement on it. For some people, butanol could also be considered a ‘smart drug.’ And nicotine gum—or the patch—may be a Parkinson’s preventative. But there’s something we haven’t mentioned yet…”

“What?” I demanded. My ears twitching.

Sleeping,” he proposed, “is vastly under-rated. Without sufficient sleep, our cognition suffers.”

“I agree,” I said. “Can you recommend some sleep aids for me?”

Xyrem… Even using it only once a week can be beneficial, particularly for the elderly who have difficulties getting into stage-3 and stage-4 sleep. But it’s absolutely prescription only. For over-the-counter options, try liposomal melatonin, from ReadiSorb, it’s a spray. And my current favorite, try a before-bed glass or warm water or hot tea with 200 mg of tryptophan dissolved with 2 tsp of hydrolyzed collagen protein powder. Those are both easily ordered online.”

“You’ve been a huge help, Steven,” I thank him. 

I bid adieu to the benevolent brain-man and promptly ordered five of his recommended elixirs. I’m high on Piracetam right now, typing up this last sentence…

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I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately and just started Adderall today, though it’s for ADD and not technically a smart drug. I’ve heard of Piracetam and race tams but I didn’t know specifically what they do. Thanks for the informative post.

By Sal Foster on Jan 05, 2013 at 10:12pm

- Piracetam works!!! It can be used individually, but I find it works best in a nootropic stack. There are products now that are using Piracetam based stacks as cognitive enhancers. They have become so popular that they are being called Adderall Alternatives, for healthy over achievers looking for the benefits of a smart drug without the connection to ADHD treatment.

By SmartGuy on Jan 07, 2013 at 2:43pm

The link to:
Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute (CERI) in Menlo Park. It’s directed by Steven Wm. Fowkes is no longer valid.
What does this mean? (rhetorical question)

By Michael on Jan 10, 2013 at 9:42am

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