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The Praxis… Implementing an H+ religion

Posted: Fri, December 07, 2012 | By: Dirk Bruere

The Praxis is the name of a book authored by myself that was created as part of the Phi Division of Zero State and published in collaboration with Zero State Media as Project 011. It will be set up as an organization on 21st December 2012. The aim is to present aspects of Transhumanism in an explicitly religious and simplified context, then follow it up with the actual praxis itself which is modeled loosely on Freemasonry.

As such it has two key aims. The first is survive the Singularity and maintain the core purpose which is to revive the dead of this, and past, eras. The second is to formally commit to looking after each other in the coming decades as the world becomes more turbulent and uncertain.

As part of the formal structure there is an Oath of Initiation detailing our purpose and duties towards our fellows. Also supplied are outlines for ceremonies of birth, marriage and death as well as those for regular social meetings.

A key element of the Praxis is that membership is by personal contact and invitation only, ideally locally (geographically) structured into “Domains”. It’s not like the “tick a box” approach to friendship of some social networking site. Additionally, the promises made are binding and members will be held to them. Joining is not to be done casually or taken lightly.

Different “flavors” of Domain, and the spiritual interests of members, are color coded as “Synods”. These largely fall into various categories such as atheist, “all welcome”, pagan, monotheist, single gender, philosophy and esoteric. Each Domain is run by an elected triumvirate which must contain at least one male and one female unless it is single gender.

Sacraments are of fours types: Mind, Body, Spiritual and Community. The latter forms the social core of a Praxis Domain.

Ceremonies and social occasions are always prefaced with these words:

 “Know then that the purpose of our fellowship is to seek eternal life and reunion with those who have passed before us. To seek knowledge and perfection of spirit and soul that we may become worthy to resurrect the willing dead and in turn be judged worthy to be resurrected into the worlds beyond. Such powers may lie in our past or in our future. Meanwhile we shall remember those who have passed and we shall speak for them as family so that come the Awakening none will be forgotten. We shall be the calm in the storm, the eye of the hurricane, the refuge in the night, the hope for tomorrow.”


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By Dirk Bruere on Feb 23, 2013 at 4:24am

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