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 The Unstoppable Longevity Virus

Posted: Sat, December 01, 2012 | By: Jason Xu

Living forever is a powerful idea – powerful enough to captivate random people like me and make them willing to dedicate my entire life toward activism for this cause and convincing others to do the same. Rekindling this strong passion for life extension will make it viral and spread it all across the world. The pursuit of life extension with transhumanist leanings promises eternal life, creating evangelical supporters who self-replicate. When people realize the meaningless of a 80-120 year life in comparison to an eternal one, they become evangelical, dedicating time and energy to activism and creating more like-minded activists, and thus start the replication process.

Creating impassioned, self-replicating supporters is the #1 priority.  When one becomes filled with the passion of life-extension transhumanist philosophy, they never turn back on the temptations of the 80-120 year “normal” lifespan and risk facing eternal oblivion in exchange for a limited, happy life.  It becomes a transcendent cause, a moral cause beyond all other humanitarian causes – a uniting solely spirited by its basis on truth under the assumption of universal application of the principles.  It is the only philosophy where the universal application of principles results in a society indistinguishable from heaven, regardless of whether metaphysical higher power exists.

Calvinists believed in “perseverance of the saints”: that the message of God’s grace is so irresistible, that all will eventually accept it.  Likewise, I believe in “perseverance of the immortalists”, that the prospect of immortality through engineering cellular senescence is so impassioning for all who ponder it, they will evangelize with all their heart and replicate themselves. 

The deathists, who do not have the same self-sustaining, self-replicating desire, will eventually convert or die out peacefully.  Just like the successful spread of christianity due to its promise of eternal life and happiness, the pursuit of life extension with transhumanist leanings promises eternal life for all as well and will create evangelical supporters.

How lucky will it be if we are the first generation to live forever through eliminating senescent cells?  We can tell our posterity about the times when people thought death was inevitable, and joke about how people used to say “YOLO”.

Once the longevity virus spreads global, then, in world opinion, there will be Immortalists and there will Deathists.  The Deathists will die out or convert.  The immortalists will live on.

Smart, rich, and cool – the three categories of health extension contributors.  The Unstoppable Longevity Virus will drive a positive feedback loop increasing the contributions of each of these 3 groups:

Smart People: are scientists and geeks, they are the ones who will be doing research related to life extension such as SENS.

The Rich People: the likes of Peter Thiel, who use their high net worth to donate millions to causes like the Methuselah Mouse Prize - the patrons who engage in philanthrophy by funding life extension

The Cool People: The ones who make life extension cool and appealing.  Create self-replicating “life extension evangelicals” by convincing other laypeople that life extension is so important to achieving the meaning of life that it is worth risking a boring 80-120 year life for.

We will drive the cycle of positive feedback loops.  Everyone can be “cool” by becoming a life extension evangelical and engaging in life extension social activism through any means at their disposal.  The constant influx of “cool” people drives the credibility need for rich people to donate to life extension based causes like SENS, and the scientific research will drive results.

The Longevity Virus…have you caught it? Ways to get involved:

1. Longevity Party on Facebook

2. Be Active on

3. Eternal Life Fan Club – create quote memes on Facebook

4. Live Forever Fellowship – create double-caption memes on Facebook

5. Movement for Indefinite Life Extension on Facebook – Petition-style “like” page with inspirational anti-death infographics

6. Attending Health Extension Salon, listed on eventbrite

This essay originally appeared in Jason’s blog, Life Extension Primacy, HERE


Welcome to the cause.Together we will prevail

By Tom Mooney on Dec 01, 2012 at 7:16am

I love and admire your enthusiasm.

By Peter Christiansen on Dec 01, 2012 at 10:22am

Giving enough time we can all be smart, cool, and rich.

By Bill on Dec 01, 2012 at 11:22am

Here are my thoughts to “Immortality”
I have been promoting the idea for the past 20 years. In 1995 i registered “Immortality Systems IS Extra Terrestrial Migration - Gene Engineering” In Aug. 2012 i put the following forum online.


Living in “Infinite Space-Time”! No more “human created secondhand God’s”!
The function assigned to GOD is now available through understanding the Universe we are part of.
We will be the Engineers of our own body chemistry, in the Infinity of Space-Time we can live
Biotechnology will control the “aging process” (we don’t wear out, but are DNA programmed to
age), and “involuntary death” will not exist any more.
Science, Gene Engineering, Nano Technology, Epigenesis, Astrophysics
etc. and Extra Terrestrial Migration will allow for “Goal Oriented Evolution”, leading to
The fact that you are reading this is a good sign.
Many people know that we all have to die, so anything that may undermine that belief will be
If this would be information confirming that there is life after death, which is something many of us
deem possible, we would be more inclined to believe it. The reason is, that once we have formed a
belief and have been influenced accordingly, we are more reluctant to reevaluate our acceptance of
Since I grew up in a katholik environment I was sure that by following the rules, I would go to
heaven and presumable not be dead.
I am now over seventy years old and have lived and loved on five Continents. With the information
and experiences I have been exposed to, I have come to the conclusion, that science will make it
possible that we can keep on living here, instead of dying and going to heaven.
You may be inclined to believe in some form of life in heaven, because that is the opinion of
confirmed authorities. I can assure you, that looking for information based on up to date science,
leading to youthfulness and the avoidance of death, will not do any harm, but may give you more
time to do so.
You probably ask, what is this about?
It is like a quantum leap. A move to a new state of being. In the material world it would be like the
jump from the atom to a mineral. Or from a multicellular organism to a cerebral animal. Or from a
culture that depends on an “idealized self projected image (God)”, to provide protection and escape
from annihilation , to a society that uses science and technology to solve the problems of sickness
and death.
The tools that propelled us from primates to “Homo sapiens sapiens”, will now be developed, so we
will evolve to Homo Immortalis Omnipotent.
Of course there will be opposition from institutions that now have the monopoly on “Life after
death”. They should not worry, because our need for entertainment will always exist. Even sincere
moral and religious disapproval should not divert us from taking this next step in evolution.
Just like the hydrogen atom did not know that it would become the planet we now live on, even
though it already contained the basic code leading to the status quo. We will realize that the abilities
that we have assigned to our God’s, are now for us to acquire.
The only limit is our imagination! Freedom from death now!

By Alfred Schickentanz on Dec 01, 2012 at 5:06pm

Let us found the National Immortalist Party.

By Tatiana Covington on Dec 02, 2012 at 7:29pm

The task at hand, from my perspective is to un-hypnotize oneself of any thoughts, beliefs or behaviors that do not contribute to this supergoal.

By Robert J Schryvers on Dec 02, 2012 at 11:14pm

I support your observation Robert J., thank you for voicing it. I feel we should judge all actions and opinions according to the degree they further the goal of giving mankind the choice of not having to grow old and be dead. As you say, we must “un-hypnotize” ourselfs of any thoughts, beliefs or behaviors that do not contribute to that goal.

Yes, Tatiana Covington, we need an international, that is, global IMMORTALIST PARTY. I am sure we could find members on all continents.

The only limit is our imagination! Freedom from death now!

By Alfred Schickentanz on Dec 03, 2012 at 6:49pm

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