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Top 22 Essays of 2012 at

Posted: Wed, January 02, 2013 | By: Hank Pellissier  is just 73 days old. What have web-surfing transhumanists been reading on our site? Let’s take a look at the highest hit totals…

1. Sexbots Will Give Us Longevity Orgasms - by Hank Pellissier   24,778 hits

2. Musings on Robots Sex Dolls and Companions - by John Niman  9,250

3. Human Barbie Doll - Valeria Lukyanova - the Future of Cosmetic Surgery? - by Hank Pellissier 8,067  

4. Why is the IQ of Ashkenazi Jews so High? 20 Possible Explanations - by Hank Pellissier  7,925  

5. In Praise of the Borg - “Resistance is Futile… You Will Want to be Assimilated” - by Dirk Bruere 5,423  

6. “I’m Too Drunk to Consent to Sex, But Not Too Drunk to Assault You” - by P. Tittle 3,656  

7. Urine is Valuable - Can We Stop Flushing it Now? - by Hank Pellissier 2,551

8. Russia’s Future - Grumpy Petro Giant, Armed-To-The-Teeth, with Social Unrest - by Michael Lee 2,285  

9. Silicon Valley Tranhumanist Establishes “Resurrection Groups” - by Jason Xu 2,161

10. Nudism is Excellent for your Brain - by Hank Pellissier 1,973  

11. Will $$ Oligarchic Russia 2045 provide h+ for the Rich Only? - by Vladimir Frolov 1,924  

12. Transhumanism, Feminism, and Beta Male Losers - by Vladimir Frolov 1,852  

13. An Apology for a Cybernetic Future - by David Eubanks 1,409 

14. Pussy Riot - Freedom Fighters or Pawn of U.S. Imperialism? - by Vladimir Frolov 1,357 

15. PostHuman Prediction - When Singularity Arrives, 99% Die - by Vladimir Frolov 1,323  

16. Russia 2045 - Transhumanism for the Rich Only? (no link)  - by Vladimir Frolov 1,322

17. Top Five Reasons Transhumanism can Eliminate Suffering - by David Pearce  1,250  

18. Demographic Sunset in the Land of the Rising Sun - by Michael Lee 1,174 

19. SuperLongevity Without OverPopulation - by Max More 1,174  

20. Andrej Pejic - Androgynous Model - Does This Pretty Boy Signify a Multi or PostGender Future? - by Hank Pellissier 1,158  

21. Sexbots for Women - by Hank Pellissier 1,080  

22. The Singularity Conspiracy - by Vladimir Frolov 1,018 

What’s this tell us? Obviously, sex is popular, especially sexbots. No surprise there. Additionally, Hank Pellissier places 7 articles on the list, Vladimir Frolov lands five, and Michael Lee scores twice. 

It’s pleasant to note that the list isn’t dominated by American writers and articles. Frolov is from Russia; Lee is from South Africa; Pearce, More, and Bruere are English; and P. Tittle is Canadian - that makes exactly 50% of the top 22 “non-American.”


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