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Vote for David Kelley in the HumanityPlus Election

Posted: Tue, January 15, 2013 | By: David J. Kelley

To help you get to know me, here is a bit about my background: 

I’m the Principal UX (User Experience) Architect for an interactive design firm named [wire] stone.  I am based out of the [Wire] stone digital experience center in Seattle.  Within the designer/developer community, I’ve started and maintained several organizations including international organizations. I’m on the speaker board for INETA, author (in part) of a number of books on building digital experiences and online training programs, and a professional speaker at numerous major conferences (in the Microsoft world) around the North America; including being awarded MVP by Microsoft each of the last 4 years for my work in User Interface design.  Professionally, my clients have included Entertainment Tonight, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Ray Ozzy, The Emmy Awards, Boeing, Nike, Microsoft and many more. My expertise is in human machine interface design, from interaction/experience design to technical and data architecture design, using various technologies… I’ve directed organizations with 100’s of people with millions at stake, at times in multiple countries across several corporations and always successful.

Why run for the H+ board of directors?

Over the past couple years, increasingly I wanted all the effort I put into the design/dev community to mean something more than just training technical skills.  Instead of building design communities around the latest wiz-bang tech, I wanted to contribute to society in a more meaningful way.  With already very strong Transhumanist tendencies, I started running into groups starting with Kurzweil and then a friend of mine (the CEO of another firm and avid follower of Kurzweil) encouraged me to check out the singularity institute and then I was exposed to other groups include IEET, H+, MTA, Turing Church, ZeroState and many more.  At this point I was hooked.  The more I learned, the more I felt this was the community I wanted to be part of, and help in a way that would have more meaning for society.  If I’m going to devote about 10-20 hours per week, on top of my career, I want it more meaningful then organizing the latest Kool-aid fest event for Microsoft.  Don’t get me wrong, these things paid the bills, but it’s not going to change lives and help build a better society.

Why should you vote for me?

Because I’m driven, I will do the job and put in the most effort and I will always go the extra mile for what I believe in.  I surround myself with the best and I listen to those around me; making the best decisions possible.  My skill is not being good at this or that but bringing everyone together and accomplishing the best possible outcome; using everyone’s skills, as a team.   My skill is the ability to include others, listen to, then guide and direct groups of people to accomplish great things.  For me, it is about the sum of us all working to the same ends.  

Besides the fact that I work best in groups, I always give 150% to everything I do.  I am passionate about my belief in transhumanism enough to invest heavily of my own time and money into things that I think will contribute the most.  A case in point with this dedication would be the demographic study I did of transhumanism recently (  I couldn’t find any good cross demographic study; so I did what I needed to do to have that data I wanted but, additionally, provided it online for others and to the Transhumanist community at large.  I do now, and will continue to-do, whatever it takes to make things happen; that we as a community may need.  If you want things to happen and the community to move forward, building on what great things H+ has already done, then you should vote for me and all my time will be devoted to Transhumanity and H+.  I ask for your help in letting me do that work.

On Transhumanist thought

I am about logic, but w/o being critical; for being critical, or having emotionally charged exchanges, serves no purpose.  It is about working together as a team with respect to everyone; to include every opinion possible in deciding what I try to represent, in all my actions, regarding transhumanism.  I believe that, through our work that helps other’s that are not transhumanists, we can help them see the good in the things we do as transhumanists.  The more we help society see the good in transhumanism, the more it will increase the trend towards a transhumanist future.  

I believe in the ‘sacredness’ of intelligence and knowledge; but more importantly sentience in any form.  I use the term ‘sacredness’ due to the fact that I believe there is no value in anything, save there is intelligence to appreciate it; thus, there is no purpose for anything, unless an intelligence can thus place value on it.  Therefore, the most important thing in existence is intelligence and knowledge and further I believe that transhumanity is morally and ethically obligated to help humanity, or any AI or any other intelligence, progress and transcend into immortality in any way we can find possible.

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David, you have my vote and endorsement.

By Lincoln Cannon on Jan 15, 2013 at 1:19pm

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