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When Aging is Annihilated, the “Grim Reaper” will be as Mythological as “God”

Posted: Thu, February 14, 2013 | By: Hank Pellissier

“God” and “Death” are intertwined…  because “God” with his lure of “Heaven” was devised to blunt the horror of every human’s extinction.

What’s the major Promise of every major Religion?

Eternal Life. Escape from Death.

Does Religion deliver the goods? No. None of the 100+ billion humans born on Earth has ever escaped the clutches of the Grim Reaper.

In the battle of “Life” vs. “Death” the latter wins every time. Every human is buried or cremated, chewed up by worms and fire.

We Die, no matter how fervently we pray to invisible Saviors.

We age, We become feeble. We sicken until we succumb. No Deity rescues us despite our blind faith and obedience. 

It’s pathetic, really. We’re terrified of the Grim Reaper, so we kowtow, prostrate, and genuflect for millennia - why not?

It’s excusable. Humanity didn’t have any other options.. because… our Technology was as crude as Theology.

But now… this contest - Death vs. Humanity - is… Changing.

Death is still winning, but we’re defending ourselves longer. 

Medicine is amassing an arsenal of tools that can blunt the Grim Reaper’s scythe.

Nanobots. Jellyfish. Stem Cells. Telomeres.

Every week a fresh wound is opened in the Grim Reaper’s omnipotence.

Death will be slain, we are realizing. We will live indefinitely.

Death will be slain, NOT via the “power” and “grace” of “God” - who has been a useless ally, a confusion, a distraction, a promise-babbling fraud.

“God” and “Death” are on the run together.

When Humanity attains Indefinite Life Extension… “God” and “Death” will jump together into the abyss of historic embarrassment.

We will be ashamed that we ever believed in God. 

We will blush at our naivete, our obtuseness. Our grandchildren will sneer at our era’s religiosity… the way we smirk today, at primitives who stab voodoo sticks into enemy turds.

Silly stinking notion. Religion = idiocy based on irrationality.

But… please… Religion… before you Disappear…

Leave us the arts of your struggle.  

Your anguish, elevated into imaginative excellence. 

Transhumanity needs this.

Transhumanity needs Aesthetics of “Sacred Holiness.”  Archives of lamentations, psalms, proverbs, koans and canons.

Transhumanity doesn’t need “Faith” but it needs the depth of yearning…

Let’s throw out the Baby but keep the Bathwater.

Throw out “God” but keep the Awe and the Quest.

Directed at exactly the same goals - Eternal Life. Paradise. Abolition of Suffering.

Transhumanity - direct the Hope and Reverence of Religion - at Reality.

Turn the False Temples into Edifices of Inquiry. Transform the Prayers into Equations. Minarets into Rockets. Stainglass into Dyson Sphere. Buddhas into Robots.

Religion had no Nihilism. Transhumanity needs No Nihilism.

Transhumanity needs… White Hat Cosmists with Dreams of Illumination and Salvation.


All true.
Plus—this is more than merely an aside—religions do not live up to their own standards, negating the core beliefs of the religious themselves.

Are enemies forgiven? No.

Do the wealthy sell what they have and give to the poor? No.

Do the religious lay up their treasures in Heaven? No (because there are no safe deposit boxes behind the Pearly Gates).

By Alan Brooks on Feb 14, 2013 at 1:41pm

What dies?  Patterns fade.  Infinity resumes.  Connections turn to other sources.
The model breaks down but the borders were only a temporary standing wave.

Are you continuous from one moment to the next or an abstraction of virtual space?  Does such a thing last forever?  Time is a model for thinking not being.

By Sean Byrne on Feb 14, 2013 at 2:01pm

I share your thinking to a big part but I do believe in god at the same time. God is a power that goes through all and it is also a “spirit”. I really dont like traditional “religion” because of the sheeplike behavior people show with that but I do believe in god because it is the biggers power. We will never get there if not using that, the power of faith.

By monique schurer von waldheim on Feb 15, 2013 at 12:03am


  Buddhists:  Life is endless suffering, from birth to death. Few would enjoy life because of previous good karma; but most try to adhere to the dharma, practice compassion and meditate, hoping to reach enlightenment by discarding greed, ignorance and anger, so as to be in Nirvana where reincarnation stops.

  Christians:  Life is born sinful, to be salvaged via good deeds, aiming to avoid hell and go to heaven on the day of reckoning. Strong faith in God, doing what God wants. Believe in Jesus’ sacrifice for perpetual humans’ sin, and a soul to be continuously cleansed and purified.

  Muslims:  Life is given by Allah, born to be His faithful servants. To pray to Him faithfully and obediently everyday becomes the highest goal, aiming to ascend to heaven with blissful garden. Always ready to be martyrs anytime, anyplace, under the guidance of the almighty. 

  Taoists:  Life is what it comes, it is meant to follow the way of nature, the Tao. Live a simple life, take only what nature gives. Do nothing to harm nature and fellow beings, and one will be well looked after by Tao, not fearing death. Through natural inaction one gains energy to live a peaceful yet fruitful life, with ultimate hope of afterlife in the happiest west heaven. 

  Hindus:  Life is a reincarnation, the result of karma, good and bad deeds of former life. It is fatalistic, transient, for one cannot change one’s predestination. Live a benevolent life, meditate often and accept what things are, so that one would not be reborn to this mundane world again. 

  Confucianism:  Life is born to observe rules, respect elders and leaders. Do not question authority and live an obedient life, a stereotype to be handed down to younger generations.  Strictly speaking, this is more philosophy than religion. 

  Animists:  Life is meant to be hard, surrounded by countless phobias. Fear to be harmed by the surroundings, thus praying to every object for safety and health. 

  Atheists:  Life is born free, not to be enslaved or chained by religious dogmas. Life is meant to live as it is, without fear, without qualm, until the day of final call. 

  What else is there to live for?  Think. (tanboontee, btt1943, vzc1943)

By venze on Feb 15, 2013 at 4:13pm

Correct, venze. BTW, in the first comment I used Christianity as an example of nominal, empty faith—worn as a badge. And what of a Jain who starves to death on a cot?: is such not self-sacrificing and spiritual? Who can say for sure it is not? What of couch potatoes whose god is television and eating bob bons? why is this sillier than other faiths?
What of a navel gazer who studies belly button lint for years? who can say for absolute sure navel gazing isn’t as legitimate a faith as any other?

By Alan Brooks on Feb 15, 2013 at 7:33pm

Religion can promise fellowship, and that is v. good—
but little more. A psychiatrist, psychotherapist doesn’t do much for a patient—but promises nothing but a bill in the mail.

So there’s all sides to it—but Hank is right. That’s why we are here at Transhumanity.

By Alan Brooks on Feb 17, 2013 at 2:09pm

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