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When Comes The Hour - Zero State event December 20-21, 2012

Posted: Thu, November 22, 2012 | By: Amon Kalkin


Zero State event: Thurs December 20 – Fri December 21, 2012.

The Zero State movement will be closing out 2012 and a very successful 18 months of existence with a two-day event based online and in London, UK. This is a small, relatively private affair IRL (unlike the larger Extreme Futurist Festival happening from December 21st-22nd in Los Angeles, of which ZS is proud to be an official sponsor) – but there will be online aspects through which anyone around the world can participate.

Thursday December 20th (20-12-2012):

* Amon Kalkin will give a reading from his forthcoming book “When Comes The Hour”, at a London location and time yet to be confirmed via The book – a summary of political and philosophical views underlying the Zero State movement – will be released on May 1st, 2013 via Zero State Media (, and a free PDF of the reading excerpt will be available for download from on December 20th.

* Xykogen – who are effectively the Zero State “house band” – will release an ambient/experimental EP for free download (no registration required) from and This is the prelude to the weekly free release of tracks from the third and final album of their 2072 Trilogy, entitled “When Comes The Hour”, which will begin the next day, on Friday December 21st.

Friday December 21st (21-12-2012):

* Launch of the first Praxis domain – essentially a lodge dedicated to rational transhumanist spirituality – will occur at midnight (London time) on the 20th, with a private ceremony and celebration. Although the event itself is private, this domain is intended to be the first of many, and to mark the event and learn more you can order a copy of Dirk Bruere’s book “The Praxis” from here:

* An invitation-only music & multimedia show will be held at an East End (London) studio on the afternoon and early evening of the 21st, from 15:00-18:00 UTC/GMT. This will include a performance from acclaimed new UK industrial band SPUCKTUTE, a cameo from XYKOGEN, and the debut set from Amon Kalkin’s new multimedia project, KALKIN. The location will only be revealed to those attending: a number limited to 25 people exactly. If you would like to attend this event, drop us a line via to ask for details, and we’ll let you know if any spaces remain. A video will be shot at this event, which will be made available for download in the new year.

This news alert was originally posted at Zero State’s website, HERE


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