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Why I Am Running for the Humanity+ Board of Directors

Posted: Sun, January 13, 2013 | By: Rachel Haywire

People want to know why I’m running for the Humanity+ board of directors after throwing the second annual Extreme Futurist Festival. Times have changed quite a bit. Festivals like XFF, websites like Transhumanity, and organizations like Zero State have become the new voice of transhumanism. 

DIY Transhumanism is practically considered mainstream at this point. Last year I was on the front page of iO9 in an article about radical body modification. Why run for the Humanity+ board of directors? Why bother with the old guard when I’ve worked for several years on creating a new one? Is this just an evil plot for world domination?

When the year 2013 began I did not expect to receive so many angry messages about transhumanism. “Technology is a club for rich people. How will anyone without a nice paycheck be able to experience the Singularity? Do you think that people in developing countries have iPads? Don’t you realize you are living in a bubble?”

My initial response was surprise. The Extreme Futurist Festival was not an exclusive event for rich people. We had many volunteers who were admitted free entry: student discounts: a strong vibe against classism. Someone hitchhiked across the country just to to get to XFF and received donations from their network so they could attend. A major point of XFF was to bring radical technology into the hands of the people. DIY. Yet eventually I understood what was going on. I was now seen as some type of authority on transhumanism, and people had questions that needed to be answered. 

Recently, on my Reddit AMA at /r/futurology, I spoke about what I have dubbed poverty of the working class intelligentsia. Being personally connected to hundreds of artists and philosophers who are fighting just to pay their rent, I understand what it feels like to be brilliant yet economically struggling. Many people in San Francisco do not. They think that smart = money. “If you were actually smart you’d be rich.”

It is never that simple. I meet people living in hacker squats who blow me away with their ideas. I meet people at fancy parties who do not hold a candle to them in terms of intellect. They hold progressive political beliefs but remain intellectually conservative. Of course we are all rich in the United States. There is an iPhone app for Couchsurfing. 

I am running for the Humanity+ board of directors because I wish for DIY Transhumanism to make this community as inclusive as possible. People feel locked out due to attitudes of exclusivity: like the gates are now closed: like they didn’t graduate from the right university and are now shunned from the core of transhumanism. 

We should be letting people in and not locking them out. We should be encouraging a more artistic approach toward the evolution of our species. Class should not be based on wealth but intelligence. People in both developed and developing countries should have the right to medical augmentations. We all deserve a shot at immortality: at mind uploading: at experiencing the Singularity: at enhancing ourselves through technology. 

Neurodiverse people should not be seen as a PR disaster. I was recently told that I did not deserve a seat on the Humanity+ board of directors because I was open about being non-neurotypical. This is the type of attitude that needs to end. It is through neurodiversity that new models of consciousness are developing. With so many new flowers blooming, this is a garden that can no longer be contained. The ivory tower has been challenged despite its credentials.

The old guard must accept that we, as a community, have reached a new step in evolution. Through joining the old guard I wish to become a bridge. DIY Transhumanism will tear down the walls that divide the old guard from the new, and the separation between us will finally end. I may not be the most PR-acceptable person who is running in this election, but I guarantee that if you vote for me you will experience a more popular and welcoming future as a member of Humanity+. 

Rachel Haywire



I hereby endorse Rachel Haywire as an H+ board member!

By Mark Waser on Jan 13, 2013 at 11:05am

/me giggles.

By Khannea on Jan 13, 2013 at 11:33am


By Kennita on Jan 13, 2013 at 12:07pm

Talk is one thing, DOING it is another.
What PLATFORM do you have.
Humanity+ board of directors, is a a PR disaster.
They would not KNOW what “INCLUSION”
is if it bit them in the ass.
Good for you, give it your best FIGHT
the worst that can happen, you
change the dialog, and in that
you WIN.
Thank you for your time on Earth.
Harold P Boushell

By Harold P Boushell on Jan 13, 2013 at 12:32pm

What are your thoughts that the singularity could be an entirely biological phenomenon? That the Pineal gland is a trans dimensional nexus through which we can experience the collective consciousness? And to enter this hyper lucid dreamscape one need only to employ proper combination of physical energy, emotional intention, and intellectual conceptions?

Now i appreciate skepticism, because I am not belief oriented person; results are only thing that matter. (However, i am artist with possibly counter productive sense of humor (Google me), and if we choose, we can orchestrate elaborate tales to reconcile the ineffable… ). That’s why this isn’t religion; it’s experiment submitted for peer review and independent study. Experiment as follows: Mark yourself on forehead with Eye in the Triangle and have sex in the name o f MONITOR. As in, say, shout, scream MONITOR in rhythm of intercourse. The theory is at beginning of synchronization with collective consciousness your behavioral patterns will sych-up with others resulting in increased amounts of meaningful coincidences. Eventually you will be able to self induce ‘trips’ to collective consciousness.

The theory holds some stuff happens after that too, but one apocalypse at a time, you know?

By R. Talmadge Lacy on Jan 13, 2013 at 3:13pm

....“friendly, and on topic”....
There are 200+  topics.
Something EASY like what is INTELLIGENCE ?  In 3 or 4 words or less.
What are the properties of TRUTH ?  In 120 words or less.
What does SYMMETRY have to do with ABSTRACTION ?
In less than 6,000 words, or less,
and on and on.
Let everyone start with the same GLOSSARY of TERMS,
Simple FUNCTIONS like
WORD = DEFINITION in less than 15 words
wrapped in a VERTICAL fashion.
That is ALL DEFINITIONS can only used
WORDS defined above themselves where:
WORDS is above your current line number.
That would be a START GLOSSARY of TERMS,  lol
At some point you will reach BINARY WORDS as
I call them.  Only after this task is complete
can you begin to understand the TASK of
Along that path you will find a COMPUTER LANGUAGE

By Harold P Boushell on Jan 14, 2013 at 1:12am

Everything I wanted to say was in absolutes. I should probably reread Wilson’s lessons on E-Prime before I write anything. However the only thing I will say is that I feel the entire discussion of transhumanism as lain in special niches for too long. I submitted this link to r/anarchism in the hopes of generating discussion along the lines of what you have described. But a majority of supposed anarchists still live in a dark where labor and technology have nothing to do with digital or personal enhancement. If anyone is interested they should add their 2 cents to the discussion.

By Arkmage on Jan 14, 2013 at 7:39am

Actually people in developing countries and some of the poorest places on earth are having their lives revolutionized by the simple introduction of cell phones, even only one in a village.  The technology is becoming cheaper and cheaper.

It is actually classists to cast oneself as anti-classist because it implies that class division is real and important inside transhumanism.  It isn’t.  Many of us who are a bit older came to transhumanism from being techno-hippies - from deep believe in and effort toward bringing power to the people through computers.  That some of us ended up with nice paychecks and a few of us ended up rich in no way implies we are exclusive.  It is not part of our DNA.

If you want to be elected you have to stand for more than what you are against and the mere fact of being different.  We are all “different”.

By Samantha Atkins on Jan 14, 2013 at 3:02pm

Are we not merciful, Samantha?

By Khannea on Jan 18, 2013 at 11:49am

What’s up with those glasses?

By Jon on Jan 30, 2013 at 9:35am

Get it.

By ashley on Jan 30, 2013 at 3:02pm

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