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Francesca Ferrando

Francesca Ferrando

Francesca Ferrando is a Posthuman Philosopher and an International Lecturer, currently writing her Ph.D. dissertation on Posthumanism. She is also a best-seller writer in Italy, and a avant-garde artist.

Francesca is enrolled in the Ph.D. Program in Philosophy and Theory of Human Science, University of Roma Tre (Italy). She holds an M.A. in Gender Studies, Utrecht University (Holland). Francesca has been a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University (New York), and an Independent Researcher at the University of Reading (England), working on Cyborg Theory with Prof. Kevin Warwick.

Francesca’s philosophical attitude is posthuman, rather than transhuman: although inherently oriented towards multiplication and anti-essentialist positions, philosophical posthumanism, coming out of postmodernity, holds a critical approach and a rhizomatic perspective.

Francesca is excited to be part of this community to create positive conversations and infinite visions.

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