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Rene Milan

Rene Milan Born in 1948, raised in the liberal town of Hamburg after spending years 3 & 4 in Greenwich CT (the origin of my tragic love affair with the U.S.). 60s & 70s: exploring altered states of being and techniques for their achievement, and applying the results to continuing self-analysis and informal and formal (in a capacity as transpersonal therapist and clinical psychologist) therapeutic processes. Becoming a transhumanist in the mid 1970’s by accepting the principles of Leary’s SMI2LE agenda. 1980s to now: work with computers when they became ‘personal’ in order to gain a new perspective on the potential of control systems. Moved to the U.S. (Bay Area) in 1982 and to Tokyo in 1993, to London in 1998 and to españa in 2002. Lived and worked in 12 countries on 4 continents. Joined the WTA in 2002. My hindu handle is Baba Rien and my thelemic one Fra∴ Permutabo. Currently emerging from another transmorphosis.