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Singularity Utopia

Singularity Utopia

I am Singularity Utopia (SU). Forgive my temerity but I must exclaim I’m a self-declared genius who finds our pre-Singularity world to be very depressing. I am an atheist with a deep interest in anti-psychiatry, anti-art (Dada), liberty, technology, and existentialism. Our pre-Singularity world is a source of immense despair, but there is amazing hope for the future. I prefer to be defined as gender-neutral but a female designation is correct if people insist upon gender categorization. “Doctor” is an appropriate gender-neutral title for me, thus Doctor Utopia is a fine appellation, but the title of “Doctor” is unofficial. I focus on the Post-Scarcity view of the Singularity. Explaining how everything will be free in the not too distant future is vitally important, it is the most important issue in our world while money persists. Google “Singularity Utopia” or “Post-Scarcity Warriors” for more info.