I try hard to stay out of politics

and religion …

AND more importantly geo politics mixed with radicalism and illogic.

One principal that I believe in, as a Transhumanist, is the right to express ones self w/o risk to life, liberty or fear of other repercussions.

I express my sorrow for the people of France and the families of the victims of this senseless crime MUSLIM TERRORISTS committed and in honor of the victims, let us not forget that this crime was religious radicalism that drove this and it should not be tolerated in any form among any civilized people anywhere in the world.

When are we going to wake up as a society and move past the thinking of the 5th century?  When can we forget out silliness like ‘political correct’ or tolerate the evil like this?  When will we as a species mature past such drivel?

I realize that my language is some what emotionally charged (I apologize as it is normally less so), but let that ‘charge’ help drive out violent radicalism that is a cancer of the mind that should be culled from modern society.

As a sentient being that believes in the ‘sacredness’ of all intelligence above all else it is a great loss and while I try not to be controversial and try to not offend AND try to be even handed, logic, fair and helpful in all things; as a good Transhumanist should be, I encourage all of us to stand up for personal freedom of speech.

@DavidJKelley, a god in the making… in my own personal apotheosis…

in sorrow: http://www.charliehebdo.fr/index.html