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TRANSHUMANIST MEET-UP DATABASE editor Hank Pellissier is happy to meet transhumanists for lunch in Oakland. He can be reached at

Hey. My name is Lisa Evans and I’m an illustrator from the UK. I’d love to meet up with other transhumanists to explore ideas and collaborate on creative projects.

Winslow Strong  Hi all, I’m located in Zurich, Switzerland for the moment.  Would like to connect with transhumanists and biohackers.  I blog at

Jameson Rohrer - Newburgh, Indiana here.I am a transhumanist, and will be going into the U.S.Navy. This summer. I am looking to anyone whom I can network with, and eventually help implement trans and post human technologies into my body. Please network with me, for when we share can our species truly grow and transcend our biology.

Sean Henderson - looking to meet Transhumanists in the Portland, Oregon, area, for fun, collaboration, and networking. - I’m interested in longevity regimens, cryonics, bio hacking, abolishing unwanted suffering (the main goal), and ways to improve upon life in general. Currently I believe that Transhumanism needs to become more political to address the laws and regulations which are preventing us from developing technological solutions for suffering.

Jønathan Lyons - I’m in Central Pennsylvania, Amish/Mennonite country, teaching at Bucknell University, and I am a writer of experimental fiction and transhumanist essays, particularly essays on personhood. 

Ari - Looking for friends of a transhumanist persuasion in SF Bay Area (near Mountain View) related to Quantified Self / tDCS / nootropics / socialize 

Jacob Ervin  Interested in transhumanist meetups in the bay area/San Francisco 

Robert Schryvers TransHumanist in Seattle, Hypnotherapist. Interested in negligible senescence, performance enhancement, etc.

We are a small group in Traverse City MIchigan, interested in gathering and using practical ideas that help with health longevity. We believe if we have more time to think, to discover, to explore, we might put ourselves in a position to gain greater insight and creativity to solve the problem of short lifespan of less than 120 years. We have been experimenting and using multiple approaches to include: gravity inversion, food, fiber, supplements, probiotics, exercise, auto-vibration, auto-massage, speed running, walking, sleeping, etc. If you would like to join our group contact me (Sam Vorhauer) at

LongeCity is a cyberspace platformfor people across the globe, but we appreciate the value of old-fashioned face to face meetings. We index and support local chapters, workshops and meetings that are run by our members, by affiliates and related organizations. Local get-togethers and conferences present another great chance to get involved in some real world action, discussion and networking for the life extension cause. Why not say ‘hi’ in the forum section for your region and see whats up? 

LongeCity Local Meetings (HERE)

Longecity Cryonics Information (HERE

Jason Xu Life Extension (

HERE) Jason Xu Blog (HERE)   Jason Xu’sEnding Aging Media Response Team - Pro-life extension response to web content. Jason Xu’s Longevity Party China / Taiwan (HERE)

Jason Xu’s Terasem Silicon Valley (HERE) Jason Xu’s Live Forever Fellowship - Fellowship swearing an oath of commitment to each others’ immortality Jason Xu’s Praxis Silicon Valley - Community based on Dirk Breue’s Praxis Oky Bastian  email:  website : Oky Bastian is from Surabaya, Indonesia. He is 31 years old. He says “the idea of Transhuman really blow my minds.  really, all peoples on earth should embrace the idea. eversince i know Transhuman ideas, and Ray Kurzweil perspective on life, makes me appreciate Health and life a lot.” He invites us to listen to his music at the website above. R3d R0ck Grinding and Biohacking - St. George, Utah - Open to all Grinders, biohackers, body modification enthusiasts, gadgeteers, and practical transhumanists. Email for more info. Hi, I’m Massimo Lupi - I live in northeastern Italyand I’m an entrepreneur. I own an e-commerce website dealing with italian high-end products. I am interested in everything about Transhumanism: technological trends and forecast, social developments, art, literature, movies, videogames and virtual reality. I am particularly interested in sharing ideas about possible businesses that the convergence of technologies can provide, and discussing possible new philosophical and spiritual systems that could eradicate human pessimism and nay-saying towards self-directed evolution, thus accelerating the political, social and cultural process of reducing the suffering of all sentient beings. I’d love to hear from techno-optimists from all over the world! Chris Smedly Scott Weaver - Chicagoland area - SF Bay Area Artificial Intelligence MeetUp - For details about this group, check the website at http://ai-meetup.orgFor videos of selected past meetups, see http://videos.syntience.comFor information about the organizer and her ideas about AI, see We meet occasionally (not as frequently as we used to) on either second and fourth Sundays of the month to discuss AI topics such as - Symbolic and SubSymbolic Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life, and Artificial Intuition - Complexity theory, Model theory, Model Free Methods - Semantic Web, Ontology based systems - Robotics and Robot Ethics - Linguistics, Document understanding, and Semantics - Evolutionary Computation - GA and GP - Computer Consciousness, Novelty, and Creativity - Neuroscience, Connectome Algorithms - Human Learning, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning - Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, Reductionism and Holism - AI, Singularity, nanoTechnology, and the future / Our meetings typically consist of a roughly one hour presentation followed by another hour of discussion on any AI-related topic. We try to mix discussions of the latest relevant ideas with tutorials on AI and Philosophy fundamentals at a level accessible to everyone. / Several MeetUps have been video recorded with the intent to publish them on the web. Some are now available at and more will be added as they get through postproduction. We are webcasting some MeetUps live at and some of these webcasts are archived and available at the webcast site. MILE - the Movement for Indefinite Life Extension contact: via message button at Facebook page. MILEworks to execute a series of goals to bring awareness of indefinite life extension to the world stage (8 million+ people) through by July of 2017. This is because the goal of indefinite life extension gets here in proportion to the relative speed at which the world goes to get there. Being a movement, the leaders of each branch and project supported by it (currently 11 key organizations and networks) are the leaders of the movement. There are a variety of details that go into working to drive these goals and this movement to success and it is all coordinated through Facebook page. The Foundation  contact: The Foundation believes the most sacred thing in existence is intelligence and knowledge; everything else is secondary. We are building a sustainable archive that will support organizations that value long term survival of knowledge.  The Foundation also sponsors an ongoing demographic study. Foundation membership is available to everyone willing to dedicate their lives to the preservation of knowledge.  Digital Wisdom Institute   World Future Society blog in Denmark Zero State  Terasem - offers grant funding to transhumanists for projects up to $4,000 The Transhumanist -resources, debate forum - official collaboration den of Grinders, biohackers, tech pirates, and DIY transhumanists, strictly focusing on human augmentation projects. International Longevity Alliance  the blog ofTJL-2080 contact: Live Forever Fellowship Serious Wonder     MindfulFuture “Promoting an awareness of today’s biocultural perspectives” Longevity Hub “Celebrating The Emerging Global Social Movement For Longer Lives” The Brain Preservation Foundation The central objective of theBrain Preservation Foundationis to promote scientific research and services development in the field of whole brain preservation for long-term static storage.  The Human Connectome Projectaims to provide an unparalleled compilation of neural data, an interface to graphically navigate this data and the opportunity to achieve never before realized conclusions about the living human brain.  The Seasteading Institute,we work to enable seasteading communities — floating cities — which will allow the next generation of pioneers to peacefully test new ideas for government. The most successful can then inspire change in governments around the world. HEALES Healthy Life Extension Society Healesis the largest non-profit organisation in Continental Europe promoting and advocating scientific research into longevity and biogerontology (the science of aging). The Society for Venturism Venturists are a principled, supportive community of like-minded individuals who believe that death doesn’t necessarily mean the end of life. Simply stated, we think that future technology could very possibly not only conquer disease and aging, but death itself. The Vitae Instituteis a 501(c)3 non-profit organization incorporated in 2006 to forward a scientific understanding of the mechanisms of aging and to develop technology and therapies to cure age-associated pathologies. BLTC RESEARCHwas founded in 1995 to promote paradise-engineering. We are dedicated to an ambitious global technology project. BLTC seek to abolish the biological substrates of suffering. Not just in humans, but in all sentient life.  2045.comThe main objectives of the Initiative are: the creation of a new vision of human development that meets global challenges humanity faces today, realization of the possibility of a radical extension of human life by means of cybernetic technology, as well as the formation of a new culture associated with these technologies.  Campaign Against Agingsmission is to educate the public about the human aging process, increase public awareness of the efforts to combat aging, and raise funds to support medical research to defeat aging. SAA Science For Life Extension To prolong youth and to postpone old age – The aim of the foundationScience For Life Extensionis to develop and apply scientific methods to help people substantially increase their healthy lifespan. CEL Coalition to Extend Life C.E.L.intends to actively promote indefinite life extension and human immortality as a public policy goal of the United States. CAR Campaign for Aging Research Our mission is to give everyone a new perspective on life in regards to the aging experience and life expectancy. Our activity consists of six different programs, mostly handled online through the following websites: information on our activities overall. people in need of help (elders or family) with volunteers in their own communities throughout the world. order to foster collaboration, the site provides information to the aging research professional and encourages communication between diverse governmental, nonprofit, and for profit organizations involved in the field of aging research. • our Lifestyle Master program. Ebooks, health management tools and courses are made available on this website. All aim to promote an enhanced and enjoyable lifestyle respectful of the environment and ethical principles, offering prevention of ailments, and of course targeted towards optimum longevity. Extropy Instituteis a networking ideas exchange devoted to developing strategies for the future. Extropy is a symbol for continued progress and reflects the extent of a living or organizational system’s intelligence, functional order, vitality, and capacity and drive for improvement. Extropy is an essential element of transhumanism.  Cryonicsis based on the idea that future medicine will have capabilities well beyond those of current medicine, including the ability to cure all diseases, rejuvenate and repair damage incurred in the cryopreservation process — through the use of nanotechnology and other technologies. •Alcor Life Extension Foundation •American Cryonics Society (ACS) •Cryonics Institute (CI) •EUCrio •KrioRus •Suspended Animation, Inc (SA)  •Trans Time, Inc. Foresight Instituteis a leading think tank and public interest organization focused on transformative future technologies. Founded in 1986, its mission is to discover and promote the upsides, and help avoid the dangers, of nanotechnology, AI, biotech, and similar life-changing developments. The Lifeboat Foundationis a nonprofit nongovernmental organization dedicated to encouraging scientific advancements while helping humanity survive existential risks and possible misuse of increasingly powerful technologies, including genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and robotics/AI, as we move towards theSingularity. IEET Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies TheIEETsmission is to be a center for voices arguing for a responsible, constructive, ethical approach to the most powerful emerging technologies. We believe that technological progress can be a catalyst for positive human development so long as we ensure that technologies are safe and equitably distributed. We call this a “technoprogressive” orientation. Singularity Networkis a group focused on accelerating technologies. It is a science and tech news group with people sharing futuristic ideas like transhumanism, nanotechnology, biotechnology, anti-aging, robotics and any Singularity relevant scientific news. Singularity University Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges. The Singularity Institutewas founded in 2000 to discover safe architectures and goals for advanced artificial intelligences. Along the way, we’ve also engaged in much outreach and movement-building (for example through our Singularity Summitand the Less Wrong community). OpenCogis an open-source software project aimed at directly confronting the AGI challenge, using mathematical and biological inspiration and professional software engineering techniques. CSC THE CRYONICS SOCIETY OF CANADA CSCis a Canadian non-profit corporation dedicated to informing Canadians about cryonics and cryonics in Canada. The Cryonics Societyprovides information, not cryopreservation. it performs no cooling procedures itself. Nor does it maintain patients. The Cryonics Society devotes itself solely to educating, informing and assisting the public. It aims at fostering what it believes will be a growing groundswell of popular and financial support for the emerging new technology.  Future Pundit Future technological trends and their likely effects on human society, politics and evolution. The Speculist futurism blog Next Big Future Coverage of science and technology having high potential for disruption & analysis of plans, policies and technology to enable radical improvements. Fight Aging! exists to help ensure that the means and potentials of extended human longevity become commonly accepted throughout the world. To this end, Fight Aging! publishes material to publicize, promote, educate and raise awareness, activities that form a vital step on the road towards far healthier, far longer lives for all. Kuro5shin technology and culture, from the trenches Fuck Death Foundation dedicated to the elimination of death. George Dvorsky’s Sentient DevelopmentsCanadian futurist, science writer, and ethicist, George Dvorsky has written and spoken extensively about the impacts of cutting-edge science and technology—particularly as they pertain to the improvement of human performance and experience. Accelerating Future futurism blog Changesurfer Radio  a weekly, syndicated public affairs radio show transmitting a sexy, high-tech vision of a radically democratic future Centauri Dreams Tracking Research into Deep Space Exploration Supersurvival Needs Because ordinary “survival” isn’t good enough anymore! Kennita Watson Cryonics Activists Livejournal Blog Howard Lovy’s Nanobot Independent nanotechnology information and commentary since 2003 Livejournal Cryonics Community Blog Gina Miller Blog including nanotechnology emphasis Nanotechnology email list Extrobritannia A blog of UK-related news and views from a futurist perspective  Indefinite Life Extension general indefinite life extension discussion The Future, Getting There from Here This group exists to share visions, thoughts, plans, details of the future we want to arrive at. Abolitionists Against Suffering Promoting the abolition of involuntary suffering in sentient life. The Venus Project offers a comprehensive plan for social reclamation in which human beings, technology and nature will be able to coexist in a long term, sustainable state of dynamic equilibrium.

Starlan Foundation  Mission: The establishment of distant, extra-solar human colonies via transgenic cloning and teraforming efforts.