I think that most people are probably worried about accidentally harming themselves. I know that I’d rather have scientists with research doctorates modifying me than anyone else - including me!

By Reeve Armstrong on Feb 05, 2013 at 2:07pm

...What I wanted went a bit beyond jetpacks and robot maids. I want out of humanity. I don’t want to wait for modern medicine to evolve us into some new herd of supermen. I want out of the herd…

Agree with some of the above, most notably the praise for anon and the equivalence of science faith with religious faith.  But I’m way on board, with this paragraph.  I do hope than humans prosper and evolve past their current limitations and bugs up their butts.  But whether they off themselves or improve themselves as a race, that shouldn’t stand in the way of any individual exploring other alternatives, other intelligences, other experiences.  Economic & biological needs are all human paradigms; but there’s nothing in reality that forces us to retain that perspective.

Not sure where to go from here, though, other than waiting for Grindhouse to finalize some of their projects.  Anon is one of a handful of individuals I would call a hero, but I ain’t got her courage or tolerance for pain & risk.

By DCWhatthe on Feb 06, 2013 at 4:54am

By the way, regarding anon - she was accepted back into college, in October.  Presumably she’s focusing on that.  You can get more info on her Twitter page - her last post there was a comment about hearing her neighbor upstairs do something she’d rather not hear.

Who knows, maybe we’ll hear from her again.

By DCWhatthe on Feb 06, 2013 at 5:09am

I would have to fully agree with all of the above, for years I considered myself a Transhumanist without actually doing what I can now to ensure I become PostHuman. A year ago I discovered DIYTranshumanism and Grinding, and I was immediately onboard, well I lurked for quite a few months absorbing all I could and learning all I could before I actually started getting involved directly, but mentally I was onboard from the get go of me finding out, at first it was interesting, then after reading, I had an insane desire to know for myself, to feel the magnetic waves myself, to enhance my senses and body now myself, I just had to now that I knew it was out there. I currently have a few personal projects in mind, one even fellow Grinders seem to be a bit iffy about, but I see a lot of use for implanting a mobile hotspot, especially since I don’t have a phone with a mobile hotspot capablity, and I’m quite sure one day we will have integrated wifi anyway, so why not right now? Anyway, I digress. I completely agree with Rich that for those of us who seriously intend to transcend biology, no amount of regulations will stop us from doing just that. Any who wish to join us in our quest are free to do so, and I hope to see as many people possible right next to us on the frontlines fighting regulations and tyranny in all it’s forms.

By Brandon King on Feb 07, 2013 at 1:31am


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Invent Utopia Now
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