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H+ Poetry Awards!

Posted: Fri, April 05, 2013

​For the last few weeks, I’ve been putting up some poetry by myself and a others that we each feel typifies what the art form can become when created through the lens of Transhumanist/Futurist philosophy. There has been some discussion of perhaps putting together an anthology in the near future, but we’d like to get a few more submissions before we even start to think about that.

However, as with all such things, we need to really identify what H+ Poetry IS. Is it typical poetry with transhumanist themes and imagery? Is it taking the form to a new level, transcending what poetry was, and moving it to the next phase?

So now, let’s look at all the recent poetry that has been put up on TNet, and let’s have you readers comment on why you like/dislike each one. Maybe rank them from most to least favorite? I think the most liked will get some kind of recognition as “Poem of the Month” or something.

Dustin Ashley: “Eroticism of Machinery” (here)

Franco Cortese: “Falter, the (S)un and Holey G(-)host” “One child closer to trod” (here)

TJL-2080: “Dream” “Untitled” (here)



As always, if you have something you’d like to submit, we’ll be happy to put it up and give it the same treatment.





Fascinating poetry. How exactly do you submit?

By The Code Crimson on Apr 11, 2013 at 5:40am

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