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Sister Jeannine Gramick - “Renegade Nun” - nominated for Papacy by

Posted: Thu, January 10, 2013 has a spiritual message for confused Catholics around the world who are seeking a replacement for Pope Benedict XVI.

You want to know who would be the ideal 266th Pontiff? The perfect human to guide the Catholic Church into the modern era?

We suggest Sister Jeannine Gramick

This “Renegade Nun” brings a lot to the Holy Table; her election would instantly redeem the Vatican for a multitude of its long-standing errors.

Sister Jeannine Gramick
Sister Jeannine Gramick

For starters, Gramick co-founded three organizations that support Catholic lesbian and gay people - she’s advocated for Catholic acceptance of homosexuals and for government support of same-sex marriage.  

She’s also estimated, quite controversially, that more than half of all priests are gay

Her election would thusly help repair the damage caused by decades of intense Catholic homophobia.

Additionally, Sister Jeannine is a woman - this gender has never “officially” been elected Pope before. (there is strong suspicion of a drag king “Pope Joan"in the 9th century.) 

No Woman has ever been Cardinal, either. Or Archbishop. Or Bishop. Or Monsignor. Or Pastor. Or even a Priest.

Electing SIster Jeannine to the Highest Office in Catholicism would help repair the damage caused by two millennia of intense Catholic misogyny.

She’s only 69 years old - quite young for a Pope. She’s well-educated - PhD from University of Pennsylvania. 

Plus, she’s a movie star! 

A documentary about her life -  “In Good Conscience - Sister Jeannine Gramick’s Journey of Faith” - has won numerous awards and was described by Variety as “absorbing… excellent… enormous charm.” believes the Catholic Church, and the entire Earth, would benefit enormously if Sister Jeannine was the next Pope. 

We urge all Catholics to vehemently demand her acsension!  Give Sister Jeanine the crown (or is it a tiara?) - give her the throne, the scepter, the billions of dollars, the power the glory the adoration of 2 billion devotees.

Just Do It. 

It would be a sin not to, in TNet’s  humble opinion.


Renegade nun presents ‘A Catholic case for same-sex marriage’

Decade after defiance, Jeannine Gramick as hopeful as ever


Haven’t you heard?: many With It wags are calling for a BLACK Pontiff to be elected. Gosh, you people are so squaresville; you gotta be Where It’s At—stop being so behind the times.

By Alan Brooks on Feb 11, 2013 at 9:29pm

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