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The Annoying Advertisements Mean… Is Paying It’s Writers!

Posted: Fri, January 11, 2013

Ads have sprouted at in the last three days - three per page, including a big banner ad that’s especially obtrusive. 

Sometimes the ads are just… Wrong!  Like the Catholic ad that appeared above a bio-hacking essay, lured in by the headline that mentioned… “Eternal Life.” 

The ads are inhabiting because we’re in contract with Google’s AdSense. The ads will bring in revenue that we’ll share, equally, 50%-50% with our contributing writers.

How much $$ will our writers make?  Will it just be “coffee money”? 

We’re not sure… in a couple more days AdSense will be attaching cash amounts to each article. We do know, of course, that the more hits an article receives, the higher the paycheck. is happy to be bringing in this revenue, to pass on to other transhumanists. 


UPDATE - on February 21, T-Net’s ownership was transferred to Zero State. Zero State has put a hold on this particular policy, and all other policies, until it carefully reviews them.  



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