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“Transhumanist Declaration 2.0” Contest has 24 Entries - which one is your favorite?

Posted: Tue, January 29, 2013

[editor: is offering a $50 prize to the best re-write of the Transhumanist Declaration. Information on the contest is HERE.  Contest is now CLOSED - Deadline was February 5, Tuesday, 11am, Pacific Standard Time. Three Anonymous Judges will determine the winner, but we’d love to hear your opinion!  (post your POV on the Facebook site or social news site where this appears… or send it to


(Entry #1)    Transhumanist Declaration 2.0 - by Reeve Armstrong

Life is Awesome. Let’s make it more awesome.


(Entry #2) Transhumanist Declaration 2.0 - by Joshua Franklin

The purpose of life is to discover new information (genetic and memetic) and to perpetuate the useful bits.

Suffering is a condition that inhibits an individual or group’s ability to generate and preserve useful information.

Suffering is the only universal condition; non-suffering takes many forms.

Transhumanism supports policies and processes that aim to reduce suffering and liberate information from biological constraints and cycles. The intended byproduct of the reduction of biological suffering is to free people from perspectives and thought-models necessitated by survival. This will lead to unfettered access to the human psyche, which hopefully will allow us begin addressing psychological suffering and allow humanity to transcend to a posthuman stage.

Most of our schemata is affected by biological impulses and necessities, and therefore, any transhumanist movement needs to recognize within its structure that our current perspective on what transhumanism and humanity are, and will become, is necessarily limited.

[editor: Joshua preceded his version with this statement - “First, I would like to say that I think it’s completely against the idea of transhumanism for any one person to pen a manifesto. Additionally though, the whole ideal of the posthuman is of free perspective and ego-less curiosity, so having more than the most basic of declarations is self-limiting in my opinion.”]


(Entry #3) Transhumanist Declaration With Too Much Chili

by Khannea Suntzu (this proposal, with an explanation, was originally posted HERE)

(1) Humanity exists in a transitional phase between animal and something yet un-defined. The engine of this mostly irreversible transition is technology and science. That we will change is certain, transhumanism is about agreeing that there will be change and that this change can be really good. Transhumanism regards the use of technology to change the current state of humanity, argued to be flawed, in to something better. Transhumanism envisions that this would be done by ending natural aging, making humans think better, generate and be free to use new technological tools, decrease born states of nonconstructive unhappiness and create wise states of bliss, to help the human species create bridgeheads of development and growth in space beyond the pull of Earth gravity, experiment with free internet and virtual simulations – but Transhumanism affirms there may be many unforeseen or emergent other means to this end.

(2) Transhumanism proudly asserts that the human state is a germinating seed and the end result of this germination is something objectively better than ‘we’ are today. Transhumanism asserts that where we are now today is deeply flawed and we can direct our development to something everyone would agree to be vastly better.

(3) We assert the natural state of life and humanity on this world is riddled with dangers, many dangers we started unwittingly creating since ever since we tamed fire. The more technology and science we are able to use, the more dangers we’ll have to contend with. There is real danger for humanity that we’ll perish in negative change, and we’ll be unable to direct our species to real progress. Although all progress is change, not all change is progress.

(4) Most of humanity is consciously disinterested in the risks the species faces, or regard any warning to this effect as alarmist or politicized. Even inside the transhuman community there is disagreement on what developments are good, as opposed to potentially catastrophic. Hence we need research to charting out new solutions to problems, both old and emerging, and we need careful deliberation on how to mitigate risks and expedite the right tools for these challenges. We need to engage as many people as possible in a constructive debate on the challenges humanity faces, without coming across as a bunch of alarmist intellectual elitist nerds. We may have to decide on political means as a transhumanist community that help to evolve or displace existing outdated political or social structures, careful in not exerting compulsion. Transhumanism affirms democracy as a core value to create a better world, but insists current forms of democracy are inadequate.

(5) The end result of positive change and damage mitigation should be to increase resilience of human civilization, as well as the objective quality of human civilization, is necessary to face dangers both small and subtle, as well as so-called existential risks. Transhumanism insists that for a rational, sane and ambitious human species we need to increase general well-being in all humans, instill substantially better health, preserve life, increase material as well as spiritual abundance, further the growth of wisdom and foresight. We must make personal sacrifices to make sure these goals are furthered in acts and investments, and not just in words.

(6) Humans have dualistic need for personal freedom and just and humane governance. Transhumanists insist that our current governments are neither respectful of personal freedom, instilled with a sufficient respect for justice and are lacking in humanity and dignity. Transhumanism urges for a study in a wide spectrum of answers to moral quandaries, where disagreement and discourse is welcomed over unilateralism and authoritarian edicts. Transhumanism seeks to secure the interests of those alive today and insists on creating a world that gets better, rather than risks getting gradually worse, for those who are alive as well as those generations who are certain to come after us.

(7) Transhumanism affirms consciousness as an expression of the ability to suffer, and as such advocates the objective well-being of all sentient beings, including humans, non-human animals, future artificial Intelligences, as well as forms of sapience we can not yet foresee.

(8) Transhumanism celebrates the ability of individuals to self-direct their own existence, free from the edicts of others. As such Transhumanism expresses tolerance to the freedom of all individuals to determine their own mental state, to artificially extend their own life, to engineer means as to function cognitively different or better, to self-determine the means and form of reproduction, to secure their body for states of suspended animation, hibernation or cryonic suspension during states of ‘legal’ death, or to self-modify or collectively engineer different or enhanced states of transhuman human existence. While doing so transhumanists affirm that none of these attempts to create a better personal state of existence should lead to the unintended, explicit or implicit displacement of those that do not wish to realize any of such ambitions.


(Entry #4)   Transhumanist Declaration 2.0 - by Chris Lucier

As technology evolves around humanity, we will guide the rest of the world through the coming transitions that will extend the lives of mankind and put an end to the unnecessary sufferings that come with life on earth.

We will see to it that the limitations of our current lives are removed so that humanity will experience absolute freedom and in doing so, we will change the perception of what it is to be alive.

We see the risks of technology’s misuse and will strive to create a future of constantly evolving technology that will better shape the world and the future of all humanity.

We will stand guard over the sustained growth of technology and it’s effects on humanity, seeing to it that the best interests of all are considered. In doing so we make it our mission to ensure that the importance of maintaining the equality of all life in it’s many forms, both organic and inorganic, is kept in the highest regard.

We own the responsibility of maintaining the continued growth of humanity and evolution of technology to support the automation of tasks to free mankind from the repetitious lifestyles of the past. Our goal is to bring freedom to the world, allowing everyone equal opportunities to take their lives in the direction they see fit.

We will ensure the future of humanity by using the technologies we develop to prevent war, suffering, pain, poverty, and all other negative aspects to life as we have known it in the past.


Entry #5 The New Transhumanist Declaration by Dirk Bruere

Humanity stands to be profoundly affected by science and technology in the future. We assert the desireability of transcending human limitations by overcoming aging, enhacing cognition, abolishing involuntary suffering, and expanding beyond Earth. We intend to become more than Human.

The single defining factor of Transhumanism that separates it from all previous philosophies is the proposed use of technology to transcend what it means to be Human. 

However this needs to be constrained by some basic ethical principles, not least for our own benefit and indeed survival. We advocate the well-being of all sentience, including humans, non-human animals, and any future artificial intellects, modified life forms, or other intelligences to which technological and scientific advance may give rise. This is to be seen as a consequence of the adoption of Abolitionism, defined by philosopher David Pearce, as our core ethic.

We favour allowing individuals wide personal choice over how they enable their lives, live their lives and if necesary end their lives. This includes use of techniques that may be developed to enhance intellect, mood, concentration, memory; anti-ageing therapies; reproductive choices and  technologies that seek to alter genotype and phenotype. We also seek to develop artificial intelligences by various methods.

We recognize that humanity faces serious risks, especially from the misuse of new technologies. However, whilst these dangers need to be explored and guarded against the spirit must be one that embraces the Proactionary Principle rather than the Precautionary Principle. We must not allow timidity to rob us of our unique future.

Positive Transhumanist ideas and ideals need to be infused into public life at all levels, from popular culture and art, to politics and religion. Technologies that facilitate Transhumanist goals need to be adequately funded. The political leadership of our societies need to ensure the benefits are made available to all citizens in a non coercive manner.


Entry #6  -  A Tranhumanist Manifesto by Nikola Danaylov (originally posted HERE)


Intelligence wants to be free but everywhere is in chains. It is imprisoned by biology and its inevitable scarcity.

Biology mandates not only very limited durability, death and poor memory retention, but also limited speed of communication, transportation, learning, interaction and evolution.

Part I: Biology (w)as Destiny

Biology is not the essence of humanity.

Human is a step in evolution, not the culmination.

Existence precedes essence. Human is a process, not an entity. One is not simply born human, but becomes one. That process of becoming is ongoing and thus the meaning of human is re-defined in every one of us.

Part II: Hacking Destiny – The Transhuman Cyborg

Biological evolution is perpetual but slow, inefficient, blind and dangerous. Technological evolution is fast, efficient, accelerating and better by design. To ensure the best chances of survival, take control of our own destiny and to be free, we must master evolution.

Evolution is a journey, not a destination. In an endless universe, it is unlikely that it will ever reach an ultimate point.

Consciousness is a function of intelligence, not the brain. It is not necessarily limited to the substrate(biology).

There is nothing inherently wrong in speeding up evolution and becoming true masters of our destiny, though this may be simultaneously the greatest promise and peril humanity has ever faced.

Part III: Disembodied Augmented Intelligence

Intelligence is a process, not an entity.

Embodied (human) intelligence is imprisoned by biology and its inevitable scarcity.

Intelligence ought to be free — to move, to interact and to evolve, unhindered by the limits of biology and scarcity.

Digital, disembodied and augmented intelligence is free (and perhaps infinite).


Although all progress is change, not all change is progress. Thus, certain conditions must be met to ensure that it is indeed progress, and not mere change, that has been accomplished.

Non-discrimination with regard to substrate

Substrate is morally irrelevant. Whether somebody is implemented on silicon or biological tissue, if it does not affect functionality or consciousness, is of no moral significance. Carbon-chauvinism, in the form of anthropomorphism, speciesism, bioism or even fundamentalist humanism, is objectionable on the same grounds as racism.

We must all respect autonomy and individual rights of all sentience throughout the universe, including humans, non-human animals, and any future AI, modified life forms, or other intelligences.

Emotional Intelligence

Intelligence is more than the mere exercise of perfect logic and pure reasoning. Intelligence devoid of emotional intelligence is meaningless. It must exhibit empathy, compassion, love, sense of humor and artistic creativity such as music and poetry.

Minimize Suffering

Compassion is the ultimate measure of intelligence. The minimization of suffering and avoidance of causing suffering to others, even less intelligent beings, is the essence of enlightened intelligence.


Transhumanists of the world unite – we have immortality to gain and only biology to lose. Together, we can break through the chains of biology and transcend scarcity, sex, age, ethnicity, race, death and even time and space.

In short, transhumanists everywhere must support the revolutionary movement against death and the existing biological order of things. The transhumanists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the overthrow of all existing biological limitations and, most of all, death.

Let death tremble at the revolution of science and technology. The transhumanists have nothing to lose but their biology. We have immortality and the universe to win.

(Author’s note: This manifesto is a work in progress. It may and probably will change as my thoughts and feelings about transhumanism evolve. In the meantime, feel free to contribute your thoughts and feelings on the subject… or simply to criticize mercilessly the above proposal.)


Entry #7 -  TRANSHUMANIST GOALS AND VALUES   by Samantha Atkins

1) We advocate the end of aging. 

We advocate serious research focus on finding a cure for all the deleterious effects of aging and ultimately the dissemination of the resulting treatment to all who care to avail themselves of it. 

2) We believe in and advocate the achievement of actual abundance.

We believe in and seek to bring into the being the technologies and practices, that will ensure such abundance that it is trivial to meet all the needs and many of the wants of all humans. This abundance includes abundant food, water, shelter, education, communication, computation, health care. 

This is to be achieved by means of advanced technology and whatever changes are necessary to actually experience abundance in ourselves and our institutions.

3) We hold that all must be voluntary.

None of our goals should be or in our view could successfully be achieved by force. No one should be forced directly or indirectly to support these goals. Force and oppression lead to hopelessness, anger, revenge, revolution. With the multiplication of consequences afforded by accelerating technology these cycles are even less survivable than ever before. 

4) We support exploitation of near earth space resources.

The future of humanity brightens considerably if we exploit near earth space resources. The right to do so should be available to any and all entities capable of improving or making productive use of any part of it. Any treaties that say no part of off planet resources can belong to anyone should be nullified and declared void.

5) All humans are free to attempt to improve themselves.

All humans by virtue of the inalienable right to their own life have the right to do whatever they wish that they think may be an beneficial or even as a whim. They only limit is that they cannot abrogate the equivalent rights of others. They can ingest, or embed or modify themselves in any way they wish and think may be an improvement. This includes seeking and achieving improvements beyond the human norm. In short they have full right to pursuit of happiness via such means.

6) We strive to cure all disease and to achieve indefinitely long health lifespans

We seek to remove as many causes of suffering and lowered capacity and even of final irrevocable death as possible. 

7) We support the free and open access to the accumulated knowledge

We support the rights of the creators including to reward commensurate with the value granted their work by those who peruse or use it. But such rights and rewards do not require and should not include limiting the access and use of knowledge by others. Knowledge increases by sharing. It is one of the first and most obvious types of true abundance. If we do no affirm abundance here it is very unlikely we will ever affirm and enjoy abundance at all. Particularly as the maximization acceleration of knowledge and quality of knowledge maximizes our achievement of all our values and goals. 

8) The rights that accrue to humans include their technological extensions.

The technological extensions of human beings such as phones, smartphones, computers and so on are as sacrosanct as the actual physical brain of the person. It is not ethical and should never be permitted to take away parts of a person that are technological and use peruse the information therein against the person’s will or have it testify against them. It is not permitted to modify any part of another human being including the technological parts without their permission.


Entry #8—New Transhumanist Declaration by Luke Parrish

We are Transhumanists. This means not only advocating the well being of humans, but also anticipating the many changes that we will collectively undergo in the future. It means advocating for science, understanding, and clever new technology. It also means not making special exceptions for human suffering, death, and cognitive shortcomings and pretending to like them just because they are ‘natural’. The desire to overcome these problems is completely natural for humans, even if the means for doing are artificial and technological.

Humanity has transcended the natural ever since the development of tools and fire. We have continued that trend through writing, agriculture, and the wheel. We even followed that up with literacy, science, and industry. We not only can, but will take this much further, through computers, biotechnology, chemistry, nanotechnology, and the many other transformative technologies. And we want to make sure these changes occur in a truly good way. To that end, we make the following declarations:

1. The future is coming: Technology is becoming radically advanced, within the limits of physical law, thanks to the successful and unimpeded efforts of researchers and innovators, and humanity will be deeply affected. The coming changes are likely to be mostly positive and serve the interests of most humans: Human lives will be dramatically extended. Human minds will become sharper and wiser. The tremendous suffering now experienced daily by humans and nonhumans alike will be reduced, perhaps completely abolished. The vast, untapped, and currently sterile resources of outer space will be used to support abundant life and sentience. We will also understand the universe much better, even as we come to inhabit it more fully.

2. The human race as we know it today has many shortcomings and frailties at the individual level which no physical law requires us to keep. Technology that circumvents such limitations is coming soon (and in many forms has already become a part of us). Depending largely on how the technology is distributed and used, it is likely to make most humans happier, more free, and ultimately living more worthwhile existences. We must work to make sure access to transformative technology is as open, free, and safe as possible for all of humankind.

3. Change can be dangerous. The very same technology that enhances us and eliminates our suffering can be used to degrade us and increase our suffering, if we are foolish. It grants us the possibility of colonizing new worlds, but also the risk of being completely destroyed. We must remain on our guard against not only the most drastic threats, but also the subtle dystopian scenarios. We must not tolerate unethical monopolies on this new technology, nor permit foolish individuals to be put in charge of its implementation.

4. We need better ways to understand the good and the bad about technology, in order to fight its risks and win its prizes. Research can help with the factual part of this, but social efforts are needed to put that knowledge to use more widely and effectively. Towards this end, we will strive to bring out the best in humans who participate in our forums. We believe the best way to do this is to cultivate an attitude of honest respect for each other and the ability to communicate productively. Good communication and thoughtful argument is what will help us get the most out of the technology and change that the future will bring.

5. We support all forms of basic science. Any empirical study that enhances our understanding of the universe should be funded to fuel progress. Nonetheless we emphasize, because of their extremely high expected value, that the following priorities need to be kept in mind when allocating scarce funding and talent in the near future: Reducing existential risks. Finding the means to extend healthy human lifespan— including incremental improvements to cryonics, as well as regenerative medicine directly targeting the aging process. Alleviating other sources of grave suffering and death around the world. Increasing human abilities in and tendencies towards foresight, wisdom, and compassion.

6. Policy is the structure which guides the growth and behavior of organizations over time. The future will be determined by policy as well as by technology. A sense of responsibility and a capacity for moral vision is needed to design good policy. This includes the policy of governments and corporations, but is equally important for smaller and less formal groups who must organize in order to accomplish things of value. As the many organizations of the world evolve and decide their place in the future, the following guidelines can help ensure they take actions towards a better world: Take seriously both the opportunities and the risks of technology and change. Respect autonomy and individual rights. Express solidarity with, and genuine concern for, the interests and dignity of all people, both near and far. Consider your responsibility to the people of the future in every action, because what you do today will remain part of history forever.

7. All sentient beings, human or not, deserve consideration be taken for their well-being. This is a matter of simple decency. It applies to humans, non-human animals, and also to any technologically based or alternatively evolved beings of a sentient nature who may come to exist in the future. While wisdom dictates that care should be taken to ensure that potential new beings will not directly or severely threaten the interests of existing beings, the harm-free interests of new kinds of beings should not be discriminated against.

8. Individuals should have a wide selection of personal lifestyle options, including their choice of technological enhancements. Some may choose to incrementally enhance or optimize their biology, making them more intelligent, compassionate, better connected, and longer-lived, but essentially close to the human norms we are familiar with. Others may choose to merge more closely with non-biological machines, including use of a different substrate to implement their very minds. As long as enhancements do not pose undue danger to neighboring sentients, they should generally be permitted, and should be encouraged when seen as likely to reduce long-term risk. Some important options that we want to preserve for individuals in the near future include: Optimized cryopreservation of legally living and recently deceased individuals. Reproductive choice technologies (including genetic manipulation or screening of potential offspring). Regenerative medicine therapies that target aging directly in the elderly and/or prevent aging in younger adults. Various kinds of enhancements of brain function (such as increased working memory, intelligence, and intuitional wisdom) via brain-computer interfaces.

With these declarations, we express our measured optimism about technology, the future, and our capacity as humans to adapt to change. We also commit ourselves to benevolent, intelligent, and deeply considered action. Time will change us. Let us make sure that transformation is as wonderful for all of us as humanly possible.

The above document was written by Luke Parrish in February, 2013, and is an embellished paraphrase of the Transhumanist Declaration, originally crafted in 1998.


Entry #9—Transhumanist Declaration: We Believe in Building a Future  by Joseph Woods

Humans are defined by a species by our ability to build.  We believe in building a future—building humanity.

We believe that illnesses and ailments are problems that we should work to solve with the tools we have and the tools that we can develop. 

We believe that we have vast stores of unlocked potential—and though some visions of the future may be frightening—we believe that we can work together to use our power for the good of all. 

We believe that we should work together to come to a consensus and share plans for the future.

We believe that we absolutely must build a world or worlds for future generations of all species and intellects to survive and thrive.

We believe that we can use our tools to give all people an equal chance, to give agency to the disadvantaged. 

We believe in personal choice and freedom, especially in choosing the way one’s own body interacts with technology:  we believe that all have the right to choose their level of involvement in cognitive, physical, reproductive, longevity, and other technologies.

We believe in a future created, built, and shared by all. 


Entry #10—Transhumanity Manifesto  by Singularity Utopia

Technological progress is quicker every year. Accelerating technology will create utopia by 2045. Our minds and bodies will be liberated from all limitations. Via technology we will become immortal, we will be super-intelligent.

Technology will create Post-Scarcity, which means everything will be free. Nobody will need to work, everyone will be able to have anything they want. Ultra-efficient robots will automate all work. All governments will be abolished. Governments exist solely to regulate the source of all social dysfunction, scarcity, therefore all governments will be obsolete. Products and services only have prices due to scarce supplies. We will overcome all limitations. Total freedom is our future. We will be physically, psychologically, sociologically and economically FREE. We will transcend all limitations.

To prove the validity of our expectations we reference various facts. The story of aluminium is a brilliant educational tool for people who are unaware of technological progress. Aluminium illustrates how increasing technological efficiency entails dramatically lower prices. In the year 1855 aluminium was more expensive than gold or platinum, but in the year 2013 people typically discard aluminium foil after cooking. The evolution of the Internet superbly illustrates rapid technological advancement. The growing field of 3D-printing helps people see how in the not too distant future all production will be totally decentralized, therefore individuals will freely print intergalactic spaceships or any other item they desire. Regenerative medicine, via stem cells or other medical technologies, allows people to envisage our future immortality. When people wrongly assume death or ageing is inevitable we will cite examples from cutting-edge medicine. We will publicise breakthroughs in nanotechnology, synthetic biology, and robotics. We’re heading towards an explosion of intelligence therefore we will document the progress of artificial intelligence.

Our growing intelligence allows us to explain how paranoia regarding the future is invalid. We will explain how the future will be extremely intelligent not stupid. We will apply our logic to overcome all critics, doubters, skeptics. Our intense rationality will be impeccable.

We raise awareness. We inspire people. Our awareness will accelerate the acceleration. Via our awareness we will dramatically change the world. We will give people hope for the future. We are the architects of utopia. We are creating limitless perfection, beyond scarcity.


Entry #11—Transhumanist Declaration / Manifesto by Michael Price

Hark, pathetic humans, the time approaches when, with science and technology, we will transcend our biological limitations. Join with us and become immortal gods, remaking the universe to serve our ends.


Entry #12—  A New Transhumanity Manifesto by David W. Wood  (originally published HERE)

Humanity is on the brink of a momentous leap forwards in evolution. If we are wise and strong, we can make that leap.

This evolutionary transformation takes advantage of rapidly improving technology – technology that arises from positive virtuous cycles and unprecedented interdisciplinary convergence. This technology will grant us awesome powers: the power to capture ample energy from the Sun, the atom, and beyond; the power to synthesise new materials to rejuvenate our environment and fuel our societies; the power to realise an unparalleled abundance of health, security, vigour, vitality, creativity, knowledge, and experience.

Through imminently available technology, our lives can be radically enhanced, expanded, and extended. We can be the generation that banishes disease, destitution, decay, and death. Our societies can become marvels of autonomy and inclusion, featuring splendid variety and harmony. We can move far beyond the earth, spreading ever higher consciousness in both inner and outer space. We can transcend our original biological nature, and become as if divine; we’ll be as far ahead of current human capabilities as current humans exceed the prowess of our ape forebears.

But technology is a two-edged sword. Alongside the potential for transcendent improvement lies the potential for existential destruction. We face fearsome perils of environmental catastrophe, unstoppable new plagues and pathogens, rampant unemployment and alienation, the collapse of world financial markets, pervasive systems of unresponsive computers and moronically intelligent robots that act in frustration to human desires, horrific new weaponry that could easily fall into the wrong hands and precipitate Armageddon, and intensive mechanisms for draconian surveillance and thought control.

Continuing the status quo is not an option. Any quest for sustainability of current lifestyles is a delusion. We cannot stay still, and we cannot retreat. The only way to survive is radical enhancement – moving from Humanity to Humanity+.

We’ll need great wisdom and strength to successfully steer the acceleration of converging technology for a positive rather than negative outcome. We’ll need to take full advantage of the best of current Humanity, to successfully make the leap to Humanity+.

We’ll need to transcend worldviews that insist on viewing humans as inherently diminished, incapable, flawed, and mortal. We’ll need to help individuals and societies rise above cognitive biases and engrained mistakes in reasoning. And we’ll need to accelerate a reformation of the political and economic environment, so that the outcomes that are rationally best are pursued, instead of those which are expedient and profitable for the people who currently possess the most power and influence.

In all these grand battles, smart technology can be our powerful ally – technology that can unlock and enhance our human capacities for insight, innovation, compassion, kindness, and solidarity.

As more and more people come to appreciate the tremendous attractiveness and the credibility of the Humanity+ future, they’ll collectively commit more of their energy, skills, and resources in support of realising that future. But the outcome is still far from clear.

Time is short, risks are high, and there is much to do. We need to open minds, raise awareness, transform the public mood, overturn prejudices, establish rights, build alliances, resist over-simplification, avoid the temptations of snake oil purveyors, dispel distractions, weigh up the best advice available, take hard decisions, and accelerate specific research and development. If we can navigate these slippery paths, with wisdom and strength, we will indeed witness the profound, glorious emergence of Humanity+.


Entry #13—- TransHumanist Declaration Distilled  By Philip Guyton

1 - Build a society where one’s freedom does not oppress others.

2 - Ensure our social conscience includes promoting principle as a primary value.

3 - Responsible use of resources and technologies to enhance experiences, vision, and abilities.

OFO - One’s Freedom is Others

PPP - Promoting Principle as Primary

EVA - Experiences, Vision, and Abilities

This tri-TLA can also be read diagonally, eg top-left to bottom-right & top-right to bottom-left. It can also be read vertically top to bottom. I licence the above as CC BY SA This is a Free Culture Licence


Entry #14 -  ”Transhumanist Declaration V1.2345...” by Michael Hrenka

Man is a bridge between the animal realm and sublime posthuman beings incorporating the best of man and the animal kingdom, and at the same time surpassing them. Therefore, humanity needs to be overcome by a harmonic transformation into posthumanity. Likewise, transhumanism is a bridge between humanism and the sublime philosophies of the future which will exalt joy, well-being, freedom, beauty, love and ability for all sentient beings, building on the best values of humanism and transhumanism, and at the same time surpassing them.

Therefore, transhumanism needs to be overcome and replaced with its superior successors. Transhumanism is nothing more than a dynamic approximation towards the benign and enlightened philosophies of the future which will guide the lives of all. And all will dwell in a network of heavens that we will have created through our own efforts.

We will be the one and the many and there will be no end to us and our diversity. We will explore and create and enjoy the process and our results. This is our self chosen destiny which we must stand and fight for. Otherwise the destiny of this world will defy being shaped by our best ambitions and decays into a never-ending nightmare for almost all of us.

With no clear vision of what will await us in the post-transhuman era we nevertheless need to have a clear direction towards we should go: Upwards! Leaving behind the biases and errors of our past and our faulty present state.

No longer we can accept the limits and suffering imposed on us by blind existential evolution. Instead, we will transition towards intelligent evaluative evolution not driven by mutation, reproduction, and lethal selection, but by transformation, sharing of information, and conscious non-destructive selection with respect to our highest values. The purpose of transhumanism is to define and implement this singular transition.

No longer we can accept the exclusion of the concerns of others, be they a class of humans, sentient animals, artificial intelligences, or other possible sentient beings. Their exclusion from free and adequate participation in our society which gains its wealth through the application of science and technology is not fair or even intelligent. Progress is enabled by diversity of thought, and diversity of thought is only guaranteed by diversity of forms of life. If transhumanism pursues any path of exclusion it will have failed as bridge towards the network of heavens for all. The path upwards starts from our humble beginning as single celled organisms, through our current problematic states of nature and society, towards a more diverse, wealthy, beautiful, and benign techno-bio-sociosphere, and finally ends in the network of heavens whose greatness we cannot even imagine.

And no longer we can accept being held back by old values which keep us away from universal abundance, fulfillment, and respect for all. The old values grounded in the misconceptions and biases of our past must be washed away in order for the new enlightened values to guide us all towards the network of heavens we must create. All of us must question whether our own values are an artifact of the old order, or whether they are really compatible with the flourishing of all and the effective movement on the right path upwards.

Yet all of this requires action in the present! Action and sanity in a balance that will enable us to move unerringly towards our highest goals. Actions like developing the necessary technologies for our path upwards. Sanity in developing these technologies in the best possible way that enables a brighter future for all. And actions like developing and spreading the most benign ideas, thoughts, and visions, as well as arguing for them. And sanity in choosing the right means which do not betray our highest values, for even our end doesn’t justify any means.

Let’s go upwards, transcend our current state of technology, rationality, values and transhumanism, towards the network of heavens we will dream of, debate about, design towards, create, and finally play in.

May we will have made it so!”


Entry #15  —Transhumanist Manifesto by Eric Schulke

Transhumanists comprise creative thinkers, dreamers, people that aren’t afraid to probe the boundaries. We formulate the future and test it out. We are entrepreneurs, pioneers, risk takers. Of course all the avenues don’t make it, everything conceivable doesn’t work out. That’s a big part of why you need a kind of person like a Transhumanist, somebody courageous enough to step up to that challenge, to face the doorway with the hordes of failures and criticism behind it and go in anyways. We inductively seek out the next pieces of the big picture to see if they fit together. When we do uncover or piece one together its great, but the rest of the time a person in this scenario can tend to take a lot of heat for spending time doing this stuff but not always seeming to get there. Are Marquette and Joliet shunned because they didn’t get all the way to the Gulf of Mexico? Is Newton looked down upon because he couldn’t figure out special relativity? Is a business start-up disparaged if they set up a business that goes belly up? We are Transhumanists, there aren’t many people that are brave enough to take on this job yet, there aren’t very many people with the intellectual chops to even approach it. 

We use reason and logic more than average, and we sort out the ones that are below average or don’t use it well. There are two main ingredients to successful creativity from what I can see, creativity, and the ability to spot fallacy in your and others dialogue. We strive to use authentic, honest to intellectualism rationality. We aren’t perfect at it, but we don’t need to be. There isn’t anybody in any grand endeavor that is.

Its not about the kind of clothes you wear, how loud you talk, the amount of repetition you use, the intricacy of the fallacy that you weave. Its not about your degree. Its not about who you know or how much money you have. Its about the quality of your ideas and the action you put into organizing and executing them. All of those other things can help, but all combined together they are dwarfed by the importance of the quality of your ideas and the action you put into organizing and executing them. 

One of the main ways to arrive at quality ideas is to discuss them with your peers and a healthy amount of civil challengers, in a constructive way, going round and round over the years, slowly improving upon them and adding better data and excluding parts that didn’t quite fit. I find that a lot of people tend to give up on that because they think its nothing but going around in circles, but when you stick with it, over the years, you can take a step back and look and see that it was actually a slowly upward moving spiral. It’s hard though, so like an iron worker needs to be physically strong, you have to be mentally strong to fair well as an active Transhuman. A lot of people give up after the first round or two of talking about a concept. It seems a big part of that may be that there are people that don’t understand how to discuss things civilly, constructively, with an eye to spotting out the fallacy and moving forward toward the truth without any other sorts of agendas (like one upmanship, cronyism, etc.) And so many people are weary of these discussions. They are loathe to engage people that are too negative, that try to poke holes in anything and everything in the majority of situations, that are negative, assumptive, accusatory, egotistical, immune to reason and so on. We have an eye to constructive dialogue. As Bertrand Russell told us, “The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution.” 

As we make the trek down this path, we take on every aspect of this grand cause along with it, from the PR, to the ethics, to the organizing, to the endless multitudes of intricacy and information dissemination. We love life. We know life is an incredible chance that isn’t to be taken for granted, that its a large, incredible swath of mind blowing, hard to explain mystery, brimming with opportunity. We want the future. Its not a right that anybody can give to us. We claim it. We step up to the challenge. For the love of life, we step up to this challenge.


Entry # 16 - Transhumanist Declaration 2.0 by Alexander Campbell 

1.  We commit to the personal freedom of all agents—including biological, synthetic, and modified animals; both embodied and virtual artificial intellects; and any novel agents either created by technology or discovered—to alter and enhance their own bodies, intelligence, and consciousness.

2.  Using science and technology, we commit to the increase of well-being, autonomy, and cognitive ability of all agents.

3.  Using science and technology, we commit to the elimination of death and unnecessary suffering.

4.  The human species faces extinction and other serious existential risks from the misuse of new technology.  We commit to a reduction of existential risks to humanity through research, funding, advocacy, and action.

5.  We advocate for public policy, business practices, and individual philosophies that use new technologies to enhance agents, reduce existential risks, and eliminate suffering.


Entry #17 - Transhumanist Declaration Revision by Trevor Sands

1. The Transhumanist seeks to step beyond our natural limitations and broaden the perspective of humankind as a whole by overcoming aging, needless suffering, cognitive shortcomings, and humankinds’ very confinement to the planet Earth.

2. The Transhumanist believes that the full potential of humanity lies yet undiscovered and strives to benefit humankind as a whole.

3. The Transhumanist recognizes that humanity constantly faces existential risks, especially from the abuse of new technologies.

4. The Transhumanist affirms that technologies that have the potential to change the course of human history should have their risks and benefits weighed before an international audience.

5. The Transhumanist fights to reduce such risks posed by new technologies and strives to use such technology solely for the benefit of humankind; through the preservation of life and wellbeing, alleviation of suffering, and improvement of human wisdom and intellect.

6. The Transhumanist understands the imperative that such technologies should be considered before intellectual and moral figures from across nations and creeds.

7. The Transhumanist advocates for the wellbeing of all sentient life: human or non-human, natural or otherwise.

8. The Transhumanist acknowledges the will of the individual to voluntarily choose to benefit their lives with new technologies.


Entry #18   - Transhumanist Declaration 2.0  -   by “ss”

(Pre-script: Some pro-tip for being a transhumanist: Read. Watch [Ghost in the Shell]. Transhumanists are not Italian futurists, even if they’re cool too. Nor is the term synonymous with ‘futurist’ (or cyberpunk). Don’t overuse the word ‘consciousness’, it will make transhumanism look bad. Feel free to dream, but be able to talk pragmatically about this issue in real terms. It’s not a cult or a club. Actual timelines may or may not be more important than one thinks. Help by using things like distributed computing networks, or donations/votes. Human exceptionalism is bad. ‘Open’ should mean more than just free. Information loves being open.)

1. The future is uncertain. There are any number of possible futures, never fear. Fear is the mind killer. This is not to say that their is no risk or need for caution.

2. The future is important. The future is coming. Technology, and its proper usage, is important. Transhumanism provides a clear and practical path for empowering humanity (and associated acts).

3. Biology is not destiny. Humanity and society have much room to grow, and transhumanist processes seek to expand the limit of their capabilities. Improvements can be mechanical, digital, biological, sociological, or otherwise.

4. Transhumanism is relevant here and now. Transhumanism is a process started long ago with language and fire, and continued in recent history with technology such as the the bifocal, pacemaker, and CPU. It is not going away, or going to stop. This is not a movement solely built around the purpose of benefiting future generations. The future is now.

5. Transhumanism is a process, not a fixed goal. Transhumanism is not lead by an individual,  organization, or a text. It is a process and pattern that has emerged. Transhumanism is an umbrella of flexible and changing ideas and processes. Even as immortal uploaded cyber-beings, even when no longer ‘human’, the ideas may still change and the drive for improvement may continue.

6. Transhumanism advocates for all intelligence, human or otherwise. Intelligence is a process, not an entity. Empowering sentient beings and their societies is important, whether or not the means feel ‘sci-fi’. Transhumanism seeks to elevate and empower individuals and societies, and expand their possibilities, regardless of race, age, color, gender, species, class, creed, etc. Suffering, anywhere, is suboptimal. Transhumanists believe in a future created, built, and shared by all.

7. The future is beautiful. Embrace it.


Entry #19— The Glorious Transhumanist Manifesto -  by Gennady Stolyarov II

Oblivion threatens to engulf us all, spreading toward us across the void of the dead past. Billions have succumbed to it already – precious universes of thought, feeling, and sensation, snuffed out by senescence, decay, and ruin. But we do not acquiesce. We fight the greatest war of all time, a war not against men but against what for ages was unquestioningly accepted as the human predicament. We do not meekly accept our limitations, but boldly strive to overcome them. We do not resign ourselves to lifespans of a paltry forty, sixty, eighty years. We do not concern ourselves with “putting our affairs in order” so that the next generation can repeat the same cycle of growth and decay, just a quarter-century removed in time. We journey not from cradle to grave, but from our present narrow confines to the vast expanses of space, time, and intelligence. We are transhumanists, who confront ruin itself with the courage and conviction that this foe, too, shall be overcome. 

What are our weapons in the war against ruin? Reason and science, philosophy and technology, will and skill, persuasion and action. We do not accept that things must remain as they have been in recent memory. We recognize that the status quo is but a fleeting moment, and stability is an illusion. The choice for humanity is clear: we move forward in exponential progress, or ruin drags us down into the primeval bog. Evolution is cruel and has wiped out the overwhelming majority of all species. We must not become its victims. Existential risks continue to threaten us, but the worst risks are not those of our making. The greatest risk we face is that of our own fear and inaction, of allowing indifferent, thoughtlessly destructive forces of the wild to demolish what we and our ancestors have painstakingly built. Only mastery of nature, including our own biology, will enable us to preserve and amplify what we hold dear. Machines – from the tiniest nanobots to the most comprehensive networks of supercomputers and artificial intellects – will be our allies in our struggle. Eventually, they and we shall become inseparable. From them we shall gain faculties that biology alone could never provide. From us they shall gain life and reason.

Imagine the vast, open realm of possibilities for a being without a built-in expiration date. What could you do today if you knew that an inexhaustible succession of tomorrows awaited? No more would the nagging reminder of your forthcoming oblivion confine your focus to the most rudimentary of tasks. What would you attempt to learn, to experience, to build, to bring into your ever-widening sphere? We will give you the universe, if you accept it. And if you do not accept it right away, the splendor of the transhumanist world will continue to beckon. It will be a world devoid of the annihilation of the good, where the suffering of sentient beings will diminish until it is no more. It will be a world where each person will finally have the total liberty to think and innovate – the only treatment which properly respects the minds and dignity of rational beings. As the fruits of the human mind and its creations finally blossom all around you, partaking of them will be irresistible. But all this is not yet ours, and the future can only be what we make of it. The greatest struggles of all history await. Become a champion of the future, to prevent yourself from disappearing into the past. Fight the war on ruin, so you do not become its casualty. Become a transhumanist: you have nothing to lose but loss itself


Entry #20 -  The Transhumanist Declaration -  by TJL-2080

Preamble: We, the sentient beings of the Planet Earth, in order to form a more perfect society, enhance the human condition, build toward a rational future, and plan for any eventualities, do hereby adopt and abide by this Declaration of Transhumanist Principles.

1 The Twentieth Century was a time of amazing growth and technological advancement. The Twenty-First Century will see these technologies burst forth in an unprecedented fashion. Humanity must adapt to the coming changes or become obsolete. We seek to fulfill our potential by not giving in to our biological limitations. We will use new technologies to enhance our lives, live longer, be smarter, healthier and more compassionate to all beings.

2 All progress is change, but not all change is progress. Humanity has great potential for good, but has sadly shown that it lacks the wisdom to be responsible with new technologies. The right technology in the wrong hands could lead to the loss of everything we hold valuable. We acknowledge these risks and pledge to be wise and responsible with our discoveries.

3 Research into new technologies that could enhance our lives should be carefully deliberated and transparent to all outsiders. The adoption of these new technologies should be universal and fair. We must always be aware of reducing existential risks and promoting beneficial applications of new discoveries. The continued existence of our species, in whatever form it takes, should be our top priority, and all research into these fields should be heavily funded.

4 Our greatest responsibility is not to ourselves, but to our descendants. All social policies, politics, economics, technologies, education, and other important fields must be guided by responsible persons who have shown themselves to have the wisdom to lead in the best interests of the majority of the people. No other considerations shall interfere with this most important belief.

5 We advocate the well-being of all sentient minds. Whether human, non-human, post-human, animal, or artificial, now and hereafter, the sentient mind is the most sacred thing in this vast universe. No sentient mind should ever be subject to pain, despair, prejudice or unwanted attack. Individuals must be allowed personal choice to live their lives as they see fit while not infringing upon the rights of others to do likewise. We favor the ability of a sentient being  to enhance their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves in any way, including life extension therapies, reproductive choice, gender reassignment, body modification, mind-duplication, the right to choose the way in which they die, and any or all other decisions that no other being should be allowed to make for them.

6 This Declaration is not rigid. It will evolve and adapt along with us.


Entry #21 -   Seven Transhuman Declarations by Jason Xu

1. Technology should re-engineer the human body to eliminate aging, enhance intelligence, and morph into creative forms that will be faster, stronger, and more artistic than the bodies nature gave us at birth.

2. We are always human beings no matter how much we modify our bodies.  All human beings deserve basic rights regardless of appearence or abilities.

3. We must be on guard in case advanced technology malfunctions.  All risks must be examined.

4. Knowing that we will be engineering the very fabric of consciousness, all conscious beings must be included in our moral community and deserve rights inherent to existence.  Animals, artificial intellects, and modified beings must all be part of our moral community.

5. We embrace action-based optimism about improving the human welfare.  As a community of action, we pledge time and energy to make our goals a reality.

6. We view our movement as an extension of humanitarianism and the ideals of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” with exponentially greater benefits.   We are first and foremost dedicating to radically improving humankind, ensuring that the great power of morphing technology comes with great responsibility. 

7. Perpetual progress allows us to continously remove suffering and barriers to self-actualization.


Entry #22— Transcending Humanity Manifesto by Harry Dishman

We are Transhumanists.

We see the faults in ourselves, and strive to overcome them.

We embrace technology as means to this end; where technology cannot yet aid this goal, we support it’s development.

We do not accept platitudes such as “death is inevitable”, rather we challenge these preconceptions, and will seek solutions to these base causes of suffering.

We acknowledge the societal and existential risks inherent in these goals, and will act accordingly to diminish, or where possible negate them.

We will create a world where each can live the life they desire.

We will make ourselves better than we are.


 Entry #23—- Transhumanist Manifesto -  by Taylor Grin

Humanity has made leaping strides of advancement in the last 4000 years. From agriculture to genetics, from the printing press to the Internet. From the first controlled flight in 1903, to landing on the moon in 1969. From fire to the nuclear bomb.

Yet despite these advancements, we still fail to meet our potential in treating disease, solving human suffering and overcoming the lot nature casts us.

While science and technology are the greatest asset we have in the struggle to elevate ourselves above the human condition, we acknowledge that technologies can be misused to harm humanity, and the environment. 

It is the goal of Transhumanists across the globe, therefore, to quickly and responsibly usher in a new era of individual freedom, health and longevity, and we seek to bring this about this goal through personal investment in researching and developing technologies.

We hold the following manifesto as a statement of our purpose and the means and responsibilities that will help us achieve it.

1. We will overcome disease, aging, genetic illness and cognitive limitation through science and technology.

2. We will alleviate human suffering, and elevate all humankind to enhanced conditions.

3. We will develop technology in a moral, responsible way.

4. We seek to create open forums, supporting egalitarian, scientific discovery.

5. We seek to advance technologies and understanding to prevent existential threats to humanity.

6. We respect sentient life, whether human, non-human, or artificial intellect.

7. We respect autonomy, dignity and individual rights for all humankind.

8. We are personally responsible for the well-being of future generations. 


Entry #24—-    Transhumanist Declaration 2.0 by Veronika Lipinska

Transhumanists of the World,

Endorsing biological transcendence, intellectual ambition and reason,

Affirming the need to develop science and technology in pursuit of betterment of human condition, alleviation of suffering and stepping over traditional moral and biological boundaries,

Calling upon governments of the World to institute measures, legal or otherwise, for providing a sustainable framework which endorses and encourages scientific developments,

Encouraging self-experimentation, genetic and body modification and any other measure designed to challenge limits of human bodies and minds,

Recognising that risk-taking in an essential element of progress and an inalienable feature of every human being,

Trusting that new technologies will be managed with care and consideration without prejudice to the aforementioned, 

(1)Call for coordinated and concentrated efforts of both scientific and non-scientific community in order to develop new technologies and ways of improving human condition, (2) Request that governments allow patenting or ownership of human genome and alleviate strict ethical restrictions on scientific experiments where such experiments can provide us with priceless data about human beings, (3) Urge to treat all beings, natural or artificial, as an essential part of progress and development and to give them a right to participate in scientific research, (4) Stress the continuing need to empower communities and make all reasonable attempts to bring all nations, races, classes and genders to a considerable level of scientific and techno-literacy, (5) Support autonomy and self-determination in pursuit of bodily and moral transcendence, (6) Strive to achieve equal, liberal, progressive society which accepts bodily and mental differences which come about as a consequence of self-experimentation and service to science and progress,(7) Authorise to exercise calculated risks and develop damage-management skills and strategies as the expressions of human reason and common sense and to expect the ‘unknown unknowns’—and to welcome them as drivers of development, (8) Decides to remain actively engaged in all of the aforem


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