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“Transhumanity” film seeks $17,000 via indiegogo

Posted: Tue, November 13, 2012

“Transhumanity” - a visionary sci-fi independent feature film - is currently seeking funding via indiegogo. The film has a phenomenal script - it’s already won “Best Screenplay” awards in 46 film festival worldwide.

Donations to the film HERE range from $1 to $7,499. 

The larger amount places you in the category “YOU ARE TRANSHUMAN!” - it includes a cameo appearance, VIP-Exclusive invitation to the film’s wrap party for you and 4 guests, and executive producer credit. Intermediate “Cyborg” and “Robotic” donation packages are also available.

Writer-Director-Producer Alex Sobol is an Award-Winning Producer, Commercial Director & Creative Director. He’s produced hundreds of TV Spots, Long and Short form Infomercials. 

TRANSHUMANITY has unforgettable characters, incredible scenes and numerous memorable moments. It explores passionate H+ topics such as Nanotechnology, Transhumanism, Cybernetics, Synthetic Neurobiology, Autonomous Self-Replicating Robotics, Mind Uploading and Artificial General intelligence.

Money obtained via the current fundraising drive will be used to shoot a mind-blowing visual treatment for the film, to generate interest from independent investors and studios.  

An exciting 3-minute video describing the film can be viewed HERE.

Additionally, there’s a Facebook page with updates of it’s development, HERE


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