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Posted: Sat, February 02, 2013

Did you know 9 billion chickens are slaughtered annually, in the USA alone? After living confined entirely in a cage no larger than a piece of paper?  With 20,000 other chickens, squished in a warehouse?

Did you know calves are branded with an iron heated at 950 degrees? And that male calves are also excruciatingly castrated and dehorned?

The meat on your table is produced in a manner that is “efficient” but enormously cruel. (We’ve previously posted our support of vegetarianism.)

British philosopher David Pearce - a “Distinguished Scholar” - is adamantly opposed to Factory Farming. This isn’t surprising - he favors the “Abolition of Suffering” - because the animal concentration camps that supply humans with meat probably contain more suffering per square meter than anywhere else on earth.

Pearce’s opinion on the topic is below:

“Factory-farms are concentration camps for nonhuman animals. Humans do things to pigs, e.g. castration without anaesthesia, that would get the perpetrators locked up for life if our victims were human. Animal ethologists believe that a pig is as sentient as a prelinguistic human toddler. Factory-farmed animals are so distressed throughout their lives that they are de-beaked, tail-docked, castrated (etc) to prevent them from mutilating themselves and each other. In short, factory farming is ethically catastrophic.”

In California, life extension activist Jason Xu is equally opposed to the wholesale confinement, torture, and slaughter of animals. His point-of-view is:

“I have viewed, and I am thoroughly disgusted by factory farming techniques.  I am current attempting to transition into a vegan diet and spread the word of ending suffering through eliminating predation.  We should all make conscious attempts to reduce our meat intake.”

Transhumanists, if you’re not convinced by these mere assertions of opinion, we suggest that you read the information HERE or, take a look at the video below. Brace Yourself!  What you might read is quite horrible, and what you might watch is so ghastly, you have to sign in to verify your age. The video is by PETA, narrated by Paul McCartney. urges its readers to be, morally, the “better humans” our aspirations. Cease your support of all businesses that inflict catastrophic suffering on sentient creatures.


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