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Posted: Sat, February 02, 2013

Hey transhumanists!  You want a future with “accelerating progress” - you want freedom of information… and increased transparency… ?  But you need a government that will give you all that…?

At TNet aka, those concerns are crucial. That’s why we’re endorsing the Pirate Party as the best possible political entity for transhumanists to support.

This opinion has been expressed before, by individual transhumanists and transhumanist groups.

In the United Kingdom, Amon Kalkin -  “Distinguished Scholar” - formed a futurist political group called “CONSENSUS” based on the eight principles of Zero State. Kalkin announced today:

“Consensus in London will be holding meetings in explicit support of the UK Pirate Party shortly.”

Italian transhumanist Giulio Prisco - KurzweilAI editor and board member - is a long-time Pirate. He sent this opinion:

“I am totally supportive of the Pirate movement, the party of personal freedom in a fair society, the party of the hackers, the Internet, and the future. It is the only political movement that a radical futurist and transhumanist can support.”

David Brin, the science fiction writer and IEET Fellow, was recently video interviewed HERE by the California Pirate Party. Hank Pellissier, TNet’s editor, wrote about German Pirates HERE, with an interview of Marina Weisband.

What does TNet appreciate about the Pirate Party?  Check out the platform, below, of the California Pirates:

California Pirate Party Platform

At the very core of the Pirate Party is a desire for direct democracy and public participation made possible on an unprecedented scale through the Internet. In other words, this is not a traditional party controlled from the top. We have no all-encompassing ideology. What we propose is radical – that all the mechanisms are in place for people to genuinely take back the reins of their democracy. The platform of the California Pirate Party represents a set of conditions that must be in place for this new community to thrive. They are as follows:

1. Defend the Internet – It is our belief that the Internet has become an invaluable public good, and as such, the California Pirate Party will resist all attempts to censor, survey, wiretap, or regulate the Internet. We believe that the First Amendment protects an individual’s right not to have their mail read over the Internet, and will push for legislation making illegal infringements on data privacy and anonymous communication.

2. Reform Copyright Laws – It is our position that current copyright Laws are imbalanced, and must be changed to respect the free flow of information made possible in the emerging digital society. Copyright should be limited to commercial use of a product, ending the campaign of repression aimed at users of digital file-sharing. Data is not stolen when it is copied. Data is not stolen when it is copied.

3. Reform of Election and Lobbying Laws – We find it disturbing the level of influence private concentrations of wealth and power are able to wield in our country’s political process. The California Pirate Party will support legislation for campaign finance reform that curtails the effect of private wealth on the election process. We will push for more reasonable limits on the amount of private donations to any public official, and eliminate the revolving door by which lobbyists get appointed to the industries they are supposed to regulate.

4. Direct Democracy and Participation – We will defend the rights of individuals to protest the current government, to assemble in public space without the fear of repression. We will encourage the grass-roots political process, through debate and discussion both online and in our communities. The California Pirate Party is committed to fostering a new democratic community, open and transparent in its mechanisms, accessible to all.

5. Social and Economic Justice—We value people over corporations. This necessitates a deep concern for civil rights, especially in light of increasing suppression of gay rights and immigrant rights in California. In addition, compounding income disparity and lack of economic opportunity for the population at large need to be addressed at the policy level. The needs and voices of the 99% can no longer be ignored, and we intend to be the party for them to voice their concerns.



All Good! is NOT a non-profit organization - this means we can say precisely what we want whenever we want. (NPOs  - like other transhumanist orgs with media outlets - are politically “neutered” - they can’t support candidates for electoral office)

Nothing holds us back - is enthusiastically advising you to CHECK OUT THE PIRATES.

We’ll run news here regarding Pirate Party progress. Big events recently are:

1. Pirate Party is now registered in Norway. HOORAY!!  

2. Pirate Party is now registered in Australia. AHOY MATES!! 

3. Pirate Party was denied registration in Russia. AAARRRGGHH!!

4. Israel has two Pirate Parties, that hate each other. GRRR!!!

If you live in a “Pirate-Friendly” zone, register today. Futures will be better when PIRATES RULE.

Information wants to be Free!

to read a recent article on obliterating Intellectual Property, click HERE 


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