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Posted: Thu, December 20, 2012

Starting in January 2013, will pay writers and artists who have their essays and memes posted on our site.

Google AdSense will be installed by then.

If Google Adsense won’t accept us, due to our occasional “adult content” - we will register with Clicksor

Everyone will be paid in a “revenue sharing” model that splits income obtained from the ads. 

Contributors will receive 50% of funds obtained by their postings. Articles receiving huge hits will receive a proportionately larger amount of money.

At present, essays at gain between 100-24,000 hits.

Writers who are technically able to post their own articles on the site, and are trusted with this responsibility, will receive 75%.

We’re installing this system because we believe our bloggers should be paid fairly for their futurist, imaginative, research / reporting / thinking. 

We want to help transhumanist writers financially. Hopefully, other h+ sites will follow our example.

There’s additional info on how to make money as a writer HERE 






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