The Influences

Born in 1964, in the middle of the push to land on the moon, including the Sputnik, Yuri Gagarin, Allen Shepard, John Glen, the Mercury and Gemini missions with John Young and Gus Grissom and eventually the Apollo moon landing.
Growing up outside Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, in a rich agricultural aria, on a small 50 acre hobby farm, the youngest of two sisters and one brother, the stage was set for the impossible dream.
Chester, my grandpa, who I barely remember was doubtful, amazed and totally captivated by the Space Race.
His son Rudy, my dad, was a chip off the old block.
He could not be pride away from the television during the space shots of those heady years.
Admiration and excitement in our home could hardly describe the feelings during the space race.
At 18, I left the small hobby farm and moved to the urban setting of Ottawa to start my working life and eventually start a few businesses.
The impossible dream came into a clearer focus in 1988, during a conversation with an interesting friend, she said she would like a spaceship that could take her children to the Asteroid belt to mine the rocks there, and manufacture living accommodations on location.
She inspired me to pursue the impossible dream.
Business funds will pay start up costs if I can show them a profit upon creation.

By Trevor HM Cooper on Feb 04, 2013 at 8:09am


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