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We’re Offering Certificate Programs in Transhumanism

Posted: Tue, February 26, 2013 is offering a Certificate Program in Transhumanism to the general public at an affordable cost - $125.

That’s only 1/200th the price of a certificate from Singularity University ($25,000) Our tuition is affordable because we want to provide transhumanist access and knowledge to everyone. With $25,000 wouldn’t you rather enroll yourself - and 199 friends - in our program?


The coursework for the certificate is rigorous, rewarding and interdisciplinary. Here’s the curriculum:

Assignment 1 - Terasem Survey

Student receives a pdf file of the 371 page 2012 transhumanist poll funded by Terasem Movement Inc. The survey is accompanied by questions, to be completed and returned to

Assignment 2 - Transhumanist Studies

30 transhumanist essays are read by the enrollee. The students picks 15, and the other 15 are written by contributors and Distinguished Scholars (David Pearce, Martine Rothblatt, Amon Kalkin, Rachel Armstrong, John Niman). Essays from IEET and are also enclosed.

Assignment 3 - Research and Publication

Four carefully-researched reports are required. The essays need to be 1,000-1,800 words in length, with footnotes or hyperlinks, and references. When the essays are completed, they’re published on’s website with an accompanying bio page for the author.

Assignment 4 - Visual Propaganda

The certificate candidate needs to create either a 2-3 minute video on a transhumanist topic, or 4 jpeg “memes.” Technical instruction will be provided. Final products will be displayed on’s website.

Assignment 5 - Summary

A 700 word summary must be written by the student, describing what they learned about transhumanism and how she or he intends to incorporate and promote its tenets.


Additional Perks received by each student:

1. An essay that contains advice on how to increase longevity and mental capacity. 

2. Certificate of achievement, signed, that details what the graduate accomplished.

3. Marketing Advice. Students will learn how to “drive traffic” to their articles, videos, and memes, using social media outlets. This information is crucially valuable to anyone starting their own website.

4. Referrals. Introductions to editors and publishers of other futurist and transhumanist websites, such as,, and

How to Enroll

Queries can be sent to, and tuition can be sent via PayPal, to the same address. Talking to a “live person” is also possible, just leave your phone number at the email above, with a convenient time to reach you.

There’s currently 8 students enrolled in the course. The program is time-flexible - you can complete it at your convenience.

Students who are presently enrolled, or who’ve graduated, who have written essays for - are David Kelley, Terra Bosart, Simon de Croft, and Franco Cortese. Check out their contributions - this could be you!


I would like to register an interest.  Thank you.

By Lorraine Valenzuela on Nov 15, 2012 at 3:01pm

Would be able to start in 2-4 weeks, if that is acceptable.

In 2008 I completed a program directed by James Hughes.
The result was a series of articles following the course syllabus detailing the “Longevity Dividend”.

I am involved in the emerging “longevity party”.

I am in a business relationship with Dr. Terry Grossman who together with Ray Kurzweil penned “live long enough to live forever” and also spoke at the H+ Conference at Harvard, so Transhumanism Studies would be a valued addition to my continuing education activities.

Morris Johnson

By Morris Johnson on Nov 15, 2012 at 7:11pm

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