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Writing for TNet

Posted: Tue, March 12, 2013


Transhumanity (TNet) is always looking for good articles to publish in the insatiable world of online journalism. If you have something to say, here are some brief guidelines and information. First, the technical stuff:

Articles should be sent to:


  • We want finished copy, not “rough drafts”.
  • We have the right to edit out sections and rewrite sections.

  • We have the right to determine the headline.

  • We have the right to select images that are best for the story, but we like it if the author provides some images.

  • The format can be plain text, .doc, .odt or HTML. We can probably handle other formats, but it is best to stick with one of the above.

  • The usual rules of “political correctness” apply - specifically, non-denigration of people who are involuntary members of a class defined by but not limited to race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.


We also accept links to videos, so if you see one or have created one, then send in the link with some text to decribe or analyze it. Typically it will be a YouTube link, but you are obviously not limited to that video site alone.

Scope of Articles

Since Zero State now runs TNet, the scope of what we accept has broadened somewhat. We will include articles on art, religion and politics in the most general sense of the words. The only constraint is that the article must concern the future impact of the topic under discussion. TNet is, after all, a Futurist magazine.

As I am Editor-in-Chief for the time being, any queries or discussions of topics should be sent to my email address, which is:


You do not have the right to rewrite any part of my submissions without my express approval.  If you do then it makes no sense to put my name on it.  Sometimes the headline is actually integral to the piece and it would not work without it.  Ditto sometimes the author has put work into choosing images. 

If you can’t me more flexible than the above then I will not be submitting anything more to this venue.

By Samantha Atkins on Mar 11, 2013 at 12:39am

It seems we have had at least one objection to these points:

* We have the right to edit out sections and rewrite sections.
* We have the right to determine the headline.

The alternative is to reject the article and ask for rewrites, which will probably be our policy from now on.
I should point out that most “rewriting” is to correct bad spelling, bad grammar and unnecessary repetition. Also, the headline often determines how many people want to read the article. A boring title correlates with fewer hits. Remember - TNet is not a science journal, it’s a popular media outlet.

By Dirk Bruere on Mar 11, 2013 at 6:59am

If that was all it was then I would be fine with that.  The original read more like the editors there can do whatever they like with the submission without much interaction with the author.

This isn’t the old days of magazine and newspaper editing and authors don’t expect as much in changes to their work. 

OTOH I appreciate that an online entity wants and needs to have some control over its own image..  But to whom does the image belong? 

It is not a simple situation. 

By Samantha Atkins on Mar 11, 2013 at 10:12am

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