Project Status: Time to get volunteers and raise money, currently project assets are in process such as this site, a cloud based share and more.


“We propose a profitable means of building a new space economy for the people by the people. A first step is to build an optical computer with synthetic diamond. It will serve several purposes, ranging from providing for highly-intelligent space robots, able to build in space while tolerating harsh space environments, to providing the quantum-computing brains for miniaturized microbots able to protect human health. Please see the book reviews for Moon Base and Beyond (at the e-book sales link listed below). The book describes key technologies that will allow humankind to begin accomplishing these tasks in the relatively near future (far sooner than has been projected by science), and also to plan for the construction of massive, permanent, automated facilities on the Moon, Mars and elsewhere. Initial seed funding for this project comes from the sale of the ebook Moon Base and Beyond, which explains these key technologies and offers an overall plan for growing a large space economy designed to uplift everyone in need within a few generations.” M. Morris

Key White Papers:
Advantages of DMF optical computing over the D-wave Quantum Computing
Ushering in the Diamond Age of Quantum Computing

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Currently we need project staff including:

1. Program Manager
2. Finance Officer

3. Social Media Manager

Ideal volunteers have a strong commitment to transhumanist goals of uplifting all of humanity, working towards operating off-planet, implementing extreme longevity, solving environmental problems, advancing high technology for everyone’s sake.

Please contact us at:

Moon Base and Beyond

To help fund this project, you may purchase an e-book copy of ‘Moon Base and Beyond‘ here: