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Transhumanity.net was set by by Hank Pellissier in October 2012. On March 1, 2013, the management of “TNet” was given to Zero State.

Transhumanity.net promotes engagement and activism in the transhumanist and life extension movements. On this site you will find quizzes, contests, Certificate Programs, E-Book publishing options, meet-ups, groups, and numerous other ways to get involved. 

Transhumanity.net is a global community representing writing contributors from 21 nations - United States, Japan, India, South Africa, Germany, Venezuela, Costa Rica, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Israel, Russia, Denmark, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Latvia, Cyprus, Australia, Indonesia, Sweden, and Canada. Only 50% of our readership is from the United States; we have a sizable audience in numerous other nations - Russia, United Kingdom, and Canada, in particular. We’re “positive futurists” who support egalitarianism, meritocracy, transparency, direct democracy, feminism, humanitarianism, techno-progress, and life extension research.

We advocate David Pearce’s “Abolition of Suffering,” we espouse Martine Rothblatt’s “multiplicity of genders,” we’re interested in Ursula K. Le Guin’s Taoist anarcha-feminist ideals, we’re fond of Rachel Armstrong’s “Living Architecture,” we’re intrigued by Amon Kalkin’s revolutionary Zero State, and we support the goals and ideas of the gerontologist Marios Kyriazis, the International Longevity Alliance and the Maximum Life Foundation

We have a selection of “Transhumanist Manifestos” - collected by us from our readers, via a contest - that we admire and respect, located HERE.

Transhumanity.net encourages our readers to send us their manuscripts, videos, books and news articles for possible publication. We’re especially eager to include women, and transgendered contributors.

Transhumanity.net advocates for a world where suffering is eliminated, we encourage aid to the disadvantaged, we crave political societies that guarantee maximum liberty for all.

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Transhumanity.net is affilitated with the think tank “Center for Transhumanity” - the think tank’s Distinguished Fellows are David Pearce, Martine Rothblatt, Amon Kalkin, John T. Niman, and Rachel Armstrong. 


Writers can publish their work here under a pseudonym, avatar moniker, or simply as “Anonymous.” 


Questions about the site can be sent to Zero State -

Amon Kalkin info@zerostate.net

Editor Dirk Bruere - dirk.bruere@gmail.com                                 

Website designer is Tyler Herman, to whom we are eternally indebted

Special thanks also to Alex B. Berezow, Ph.D., Editor of RealClearScience