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What is transhumanism? What are we about? If you’re here, maybe you’re new to transhumanism, interested in what it is about and why we all care?  For transhumanists like me, its about helping others and becoming more than what we are now and working towards transcending our biology.

Lets start with what is transhumanism… in simplest terms it is the idea that human kind can use science and technology to become more than what we are and help those interested in doing the same and in protecting the freedom for all to decide for themselves how to be happy in other words “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

Transhumanism is not a single demographic.  Some transhumanists are political, some are not, some are religious, and some are not.  In transhumanism, democrats, republicans, libertarians, Europeans, Americans, Chinese, Mormons, Catholics, Buddhists, Atheist and more; come together as “humans” to help others and raise as many as want as high as possible through the use of technology and science.  We believe in better education, higher standards in living and longer lives and in our moral and ethical responsibility to the same.

But what about this site?  The history is thus, in its short stay it has had its ups and downs.  Currently owned and operated by the Foundation as a way to help people understand transhumanism, a sort of embassy to the rest of humanity and a hub for all things transhuman.  So what is the history of was set up by Hank Pellissier in October 2012.  “TNet” advocates for a world where suffering is eliminated, aid to the disadvantaged is encouraged, and societies that provide justice, equality, and liberty for all are the norm.  In late 2013 ZeroState took over operating the site and in June of 2014 the Foundation took over operating the site, migrating it to word press and re-launching in August 2014 in its present form.

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