Do you feel it? It’s everywhere: on television, in the newspaper, at any public gathering, in any discussion – even among friends. It’s a feeling of mistrust, nervousness, suspicion, and even rage. Mostly, it’s just under the surface. But more and more, it’s bubbling to the top. Political debate is breaking into outright war. Just say the words, “I don’t believe government should do that…” and the war is on. Take a side. Feel the heat. Tolerance is a thing of the past.

There is an all-out, vicious attack on anyone who doesn’t respond properly: ridicule, intimidation, public shunning, destruction of careers, and removal from public meetings. All await those who express thoughts outside the politically-correct box.

Climate change skeptics are scientists who have gone beyond the hype and conducted their own research and made their own findings. It’s what scientists do.

For their efforts, they have been fired – discarded – blocked from receiving grants – banned from publications  and threatened. They’ve been compared to holocaust deniers – called nuts, crazy, and dangerous. Al Gore himself has called for violence against them. Others have called for Nuremberg-style trials – government show trials – to present them as enemies of humanity – simply because they disagree with official government reports – reports that are proving more and more to be wrong in the first place.

In other examples, property owners seeking to ask questions at city council meetings about a new regulation that may affect their land are denied the microphone – sometimes even bodily removed from meetings by armed guards.

A pickup truck in Shreveport, Louisiana, is pulled over by a cop. When asked why the cop simply points to the bumper sticker on the back of the truck that says “Member of the NRA.”

And then there is the beauty queen, Miss California, USA, who was asked about her views on gay marriage – by the openly gay blogger and activist Perez Hilton. Her answer – was very honest and very middle of the road.

She said, “Well, I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose one way or the other. We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage. You know what, in my country, in my family, I do believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, no offense to anybody out there. But that’s how I was raised and I believe that it should be between a man and a woman.

For that answer she was attacked in headlines across the nation, calling her a bigot, a dumb bitch, and sarcastically and mockingly calling her “biblically correct.”

And then, just last week, at a town hall meeting to discuss the health care plan with his congressman, a black man, Kenneth Gladney, was beaten by union goons and sent to the hospital for disagreeing with the Obama plan.

Why? Why the hatred? Why the venom? Why the intolerance to what used to be called a “personal opinion” or political debate?

The fact is we are witnessing an all-out drive to impose thought control that seeks to ban the ability – the right – to think or speak for oneself. Thinking is becoming a crime.

Today, there is one acceptable idea – the government is the answer. Stray from that premise – even a little, as did Miss California – and there will be no mercy for you. Your life will be destroyed.

There are forces in this nation who want total power to dictate their agenda, and they will stop at nothing to achieve it. For them, there is no compromise or polite discussion or differences of opinion. The wants, needs, and desires of your life, your family, and your home are not to be considered.

Some describe their efforts as a conspiracy. If so, it isn’t very secret. The goal has been outlined in detail many times.

It is in the UN’s report on Global Governance; in Agenda 21; in various programs of UNESCO, like its International Baccalaureate program, which teaches global citizenship in a global village; it was in the Biodiversity Treaty; it was the Kyoto global warming accord, and it’s in the Cap-and-Trade initiative. It is most certainly in Obama’s health care bill.

All of these policies are blatant in their intent: top-down control; no sovereign, independent nations; no individual thought; no private property; no self-defense; no morality; no personal pride of achievement; no questions. Anything that goes against the plan, anything that would cause anyone to hesitate in moving toward the agenda, must be eliminated or neutralized.

Educate, indoctrinate, intimidate. Above all, destroy reason and control the ability to think.

The real question to which we must all learn the answer is how they are doing it. How have they taken a nation created on the ideals of individual liberty, limited government, and free markets, and gotten us to accept the opposite?

Globally Acceptable Truths in the Land of Eden

A few years ago, I found the answer, and I wrote about it, believing I was now arming our movement with the ammunition we needed to fight back. But that article was met with a resounding thud. Too intellectual, perhaps? Too academic? People want red meat. They want names and numbers of the culprits. They want to keep it simple.

Well, now that we have moved so much closer to fulfillment of their agenda – now that tyranny can be more clearly found in almost every aspect of our lives – perhaps now is the time to try again.

Ask yourselves this question: when did the ability to think rational thought become replaced with Zombie-like programmed responses? Where do these ideas come from?

Believe it or not, there is an organization, part of the UN, of course, whose purpose is to define what we are allowed to think. Its process is called “globally-acceptable truth.”

The organization is called the Eden Foundation, and the head of it is a man named Donald Sagar. He is a representative to the United Nations’ Association for World Education.

He is dangerous to you and me, because he has written the blueprint on thought control and is now enlisting the self-proclaimed leaders of the world to enforce it.

Mr. Sagar sent me an e-mail one quiet Sunday afternoon to disagree with some of my articles dealing with global warming. His first line told me everything I needed to know about Mr. Sagar’s value system. The e-mail began, “Science aside…” Obviously Mr. Sagar didn’t want to be bothered by mere science when he had loftier goals in mind.

But he went on to say, “It is inherently illogical and otherwise irresponsible to suggest that human activity does not posses the potential to alter the Earth’s climate.”

What he’s saying is, no matter what science tells us, I “FEEL” that man is damaging the Earth, therefore I insist that it be true.

Incredibly he then argued, with obvious horror that, “energy usage worldwide is increasing at an alarming rate of speed as 3rd world countries continue to modernize.”

One must not miss the completely astonishing rationale of his statement. My first thought is that he is one of those who advocate that people who live in third-world countries are simply animals who should always live in mud huts, walk five miles a day for their filthy water, and cook over the quaint campfire in the center of the village. Because, you see, that is good for the environment.

And he certainly does believe that. But his reasoning is astounding. He says, “Because of advances in technology, everyone in the world is now at similar risk – rich and poor alike.” He believes that science is only a force for destruction.

And that’s why Mr. Sagar advocates that all technological advances must be first approved by a higher authority – safely out of the hands of individuals.

Too Much Knowledge

But fear not, Sagar’s Eden Project, he says, can define our problems on Earth and fix them. And here is how Donald Sagar defines that problem: “Because of the relentless increase in the quantity and complexity of knowledge in the world, we are experiencing a clash between cultures that prevents all but the most capable of surviving with any meaningful identity intact.”

Did you catch that? The reason we have wars, poverty, and misery is because there is too much knowledge. Based on that premise, Sagar then set out to create the blueprint to define acceptable ideas and thoughts – those that would bring harmony to the world.

That leaves no room for new ideas or innovation. Because new ideas bring change, causing confusion, shifts in living conditions, and unemployment as old industries die to make way for the new.

So, instead, we must set up a system of thought control. Certain ideas are the only ones safe to think: globally acceptable truth. And there must be a top-down control to assure bad thoughts are controlled or obliterated.

For it to work, the rest of us must be convinced or forced to stop thinking or using our own experiences, along with academic and scientific absolutes, to draw our own conclusion.

Once that is established, it is easy to reject morality, and then only a short step to accepting the idea that people of third-world nations should live out their days in total poverty – just for the common good. And by way, eventually it would be good for all of us to live that way, too.

It is then just a short journey to accepting euthanasia as a means to rid us of the elderly who are no longer useful for the village. And then, it’s an even shorter step to accepting the final solution of forced abortion for population control.

Gathering the Power of the World Elite

Once Sagar put this idea together, he began to contact world leaders to convince them of his plan. For success, he needed them to be the enforcement hammer. You’ll find on his website a series of letters from world leaders, as they praise and endorse the plan.

One is a letter from none other than Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary General of the UN, and affectionately known as the “philosopher” of the UN.

Said Muller in his letter: “I am referring to the need to establish a body of objective, globally acceptable information to serve as a foundation for global education…”

Other supporters include K.B. Mathur, Director General of UNESCO, the man in charge of implementing global education policy in our public schools. There is also Dale Ott, of the World Council of Churches, and many more heads of global and international organizations – the infamous non-governmental organizations that are responsible for writing policies and treaties that seep out of the UN and into national law.

Most telling was a quote from a man named Keith Smiley, president of a UN consultant group, who said, “The planet and its people have been experiencing an information explosion. The uncontrolled expansion of information is dangerous since it tends to diffuse meaning and purpose.

And then there is this endorsement from Alexander King – the founder of the Club of Rome: King writes to Sagar, “One aspect of your letter… struck me forcibly – it was when you said, ‘it is actually our thought process that is responsible for the predicament we find ourselves in.” Concluded King, “I couldn’t agree with you more. Unless we find the means to change our thinking I can see little hope in solving the supreme problem for humanity – its impending extinction.”

These powerful people are telling us that humans, armed with knowledge are dangerous to the new order of peace and harmony they intend to establish for us.

Zombies and the End of Human Progress

No matter what you call it, this is thought control – globally acceptable truth. It is the only way you will be permitted to think. Imagine the consequences such thought control will have on the human race.

Thomas Edison wouldn’t have been allowed to even think about such radical changes as alternatives to candle wax in our well-ordered society. The Wright Brothers would have been hanged as heretics to suggest man could fly.

This is the process by which your children are being deliberately “dumbed down” in government schools. The premise of “globally acceptable truth” is the very root of today’s public school curriculum.

And the process is working like a well-oiled machine. Americans have been giving up their liberty and way of life with barely a blink of an eye – for decades.

Misleading sound bites are replacing reasoned thought. Just say “Go Green,” and the eyes of the masses glaze over and the people comply. Or, “it’s for the children,” and we give up control to the state. Or, “it’s just to keep you safe,” and we openly encourage the creation of a total surveillance society.

The process is so all-encompassing, so all pervasive, that most people don’t recognize that it’s being employed.

Enemies from Within

And a lot of people who should know better, who should be in the fight to stop it, are actually helping them do it.

For example, in the name of stopping illegal immigration, mainstream conservatives, both in congress and in trusted organizations, are embracing and promoting policies like Real ID and E-Verify.

Both of these programs are major tools in creating an international surveillance society, which will make it easier for control of individuals in the global village. But people whom many of you trust are telling you to accept these policies, actually saying, “I would rather give up some freedom to be safer!”

To promote this argument, they actually use the phrase, “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.” What they are really saying with that phrase is that the government always gets it right. That phrase also indicates that the Bill of Rights was actually written to protect the guilty. What do we need guarantees for – if benevolent government is there to protect us?

As for E-Verify, which demands the use of a social security number for every single American at every age, so the government can grant you the ability to get a job—is it really the position of the freedom movement that every baby born in America should be stamped with a number at birth?

Some who proclaim themselves to be freedom advocates also argue that Public/Private Partnerships are free enterprise and that “free trade” policies will actually help to restore the Republic. I’m really trying to understand how the creation of government-sanctioned monopolies represents a free market. And how does that concept fall in line with the ideas of the Founding Fathers?

Our Founders believed it was government’s job to protect the ability of business to compete – not to guarantee profits. They certainly didn’t mean for government and business to get into bed together.

And then there is the growing defense in conservative circles of the Social Security system as the vital tool necessary to take care of the elderly. When did that shift take place in our movement? Social Security was part of Franklin Roosevelt’s socialist New Deal.

When you start to defend Social Security, it’s much easier to find yourself defending welfare, Medicare, and Obama’s health care scheme. It’s all from the same bone.

See how quickly we begin to accept ideas we would not normally support? That’s the power of globally acceptable truth. It’s all around us.

New Truths for a New Order

Global Warming is globally-acceptable truth.

The United Nations’ Declaration on Human Rights is globally acceptable truth.

Universal health care is globally acceptable truth.

Mandatory purchase of a Prius is globally acceptable truth

The “common good” over the individual is globally acceptable truth.

Independent, sovereign nations as a source of war is a globally acceptable truth.

Global governance for the future peace of mankind is a globally acceptable truth.

Severe reduction of the population is globally acceptable truth.

The UN Gets in the Game

And they are steadily putting these “truths” into practice. Just a few weeks ago, the United Nations held the “Conference on the World’s Financial and Economic Crisis.”

UN General Assembly President Miguel D’Escoto blatantly moved the conference to denounce the free-market system, saying, “Capitalism cannot be reformed…”

He went on to say, “Egotism and greed cannot be corrected… we must go beyond controls and corrections… to create something that strives towards a new paradigm of social coexistence.”

Those words clearly show that the UN is now moving to implement the Eden Project plan of globally acceptable truth within the world economy.

The End of Reason

Sagar’s project is the key to understanding what is being done to our society and how it is being implemented – right before our very eyes. We must learn that we are not facing a scattering of issues that are just wrong-headed. Instead, it’s being orchestrated with a specific mindset behind it.

Step by step, we have surrendered the ability to reason and to take responsibility for our own lives – and instead are giving our lives to government to be cradled in its warm and safe cocoon from birth to death.

There is an endless supply of examples to show how the process is destroying our once free society. In fact, what was once a slow process – perhaps moving so slowly that most people didn’t even notice – has become a tsunami.

The public school system is a major example. There are now more psychologists on the payroll of public schools than teachers. The result is an abuse of innocent minds beyond description. Today, dumbed-down children emerge from classrooms like zombies – modern children of the corn, unable to question authority, unable to think for themselves. The perfect citizens of the global village.

The imposition of environmental regulations has become the greatest threat to ownership and control of private property. Our Supreme Court has now declared that there is no private property and that any community is free to take any property it desires for private development – all for the common good of the community.

We have accepted the rise of a horde of powerful non-elected government agencies like planning commissions, transportation commissions, homeowners’ associations, neighborhood development councils, historic preservation councils, and stakeholder councils – and we call them a proper role for government.

Yet, the more non-elected councils making the rules – the less power for the elected representatives chosen by the people – the less say we have about our own lives.

The true purpose of this new government structure is to create and enforce the global village. The policy of choice to make it happen is, of course, Sustainable Development.

Sustainable Development has three components: global land use, global education, and global population control. Sustainable Development is anti-free-enterprise, anti-limited-government, and anti-individual-liberty. But most communities and government entities have accepted it as a proper role for government.

Can you name one single elected official – anywhere in the United States – at any level of office – who speaks out against Sustainable Development? Can you name one who has stood up to stop this policy? But there sure are a lot of them who like to get up at political meetings and rouse the faithful about how they are working to restore the Republic and our free society.

A free society protects its property owners and businesses and helps them to go about their lives unencumbered. A free society doesn’t set up spy mechanisms to track the whereabouts of its people through ID cards and biometric databases. A free society doesn’t close down whole industries and towns at the whim of special-interest groups using made-up excuses like spotted owls.

But all of these things are being done through the process of Sustainable Development – and the politicians sit on their hands and ignore it.

Like a bad plastic surgery, our society is being transformed into a hideous monster. And it will destroy everything you hold dear in life.

In the name of Sustainable Development, there are now movements to ban over-the-counter, natural supplements; and fast food; and air conditioning; and recreational vehicles; and the consumption of meat; and cars; and suburban housing; and the family pet; and plastics; and fireplaces, and on and on. The floodgates have been opened. And so many of our fellow Americans don’t even question why. Was it not always so?

Ban it. Ban it. Ban it. Ban it. These are the sounds of the bombs going off in a war for control, the war against freedom. The one statement that should never be uttered in a free society is “ban it.” A free society cannot exist under this weight

Sustainable Development is the policy Mr. Sagar’s thought control was created to implement. And to Mr. Sagar, these concepts we call freedom are nothing more that delusion. And that’s why he and his fellow travelers are so dangerous to us.

They use every sort of deception, half-truth, and non-science to implement this concept for the virtual captivity of the human spirit. Through the policies of Sustainable Development and “globally-acceptable truth,” we are very quickly being led back to the tyranny and to the darkest ages of human history.

The last time the human race was faced with such an attack on reason and free thought was during the Inquisition in the 13th Century. Then, most of Europe lived under the tyranny of one small, self-appointed gang – which made the decisions about what proper thought and conduct was to be.

Anyone who disagreed was charged with heresy and called a lunatic. Most were automatically found guilty and were ruined, tortured, or killed. People lived in terror. Human progress ground to a halt.

Evacuate” – “Eliminate”

But, you say, that could not happen today. We are alerted. We are dedicated. We will fight to our dying day!

I will give you this warning. It is entirely possible that in just a very short time, all of us could be following Mr. Sagar’s rants – and actually praising them as our own.

How could this happen? Let me explain by calling your attention to a film I viewed recently. It was called “Conspiracy.” This film dramatically documents a real event. The entire screenplay takes place during a single two-hour meeting.

As the opening credits role, we see the staff of a very fine resort preparing the food, which will later be served on the finest china. Wine will be enjoyed from the finest crystal. There couldn’t be a more genteel, civilized setting. The participants of the scheduled meeting are some of the most accomplished and respected leaders of their nation.

In a short time they begin to arrive. One by one, fifteen invited participants eventually enter the room and take their place around the table. The mood is jovial as they exchange greetings to friends and acquaintances. Though none is fully aware of the purpose for the gathering, they anxiously await the arrival of the meeting’s leader. He is known and respected by them.

With a flourish, he arrives. He is jovial, soft-spoken, smiling, calm, congenial, and he makes sure to address each participant with a warm greeting or a quick personal remark. All are at ease.

The day is January 20, 1942. The meeting begins. The leader is Reinhard Heydrich. He is the top aid of Heinrich Himmler and the head of the main office of the Nazi SS. His second-in-command is Adolf Eichmann. The meeting has been called specifically to discuss the “storage problem of the Jews.”

They calmly discuss the problems the government will soon face as they conquer more countries with Jewish populations. It is described as a simple logistics problem. Soon 11 million Jews will be under Nazi control. What to do?

They begin to discuss the need to remove Jews from everyday society. The administrator in charge of the Warsaw Ghetto discusses the health problems he is facing. He brings up the need for suitable housing.

The administrator in charge of German public works projects discusses the need for using more Jews in work crews. He seeks to keep them healthy for more work.

The discussion turns to Jewish immigration – the need to move them from country to country. Then the term “evacuation” is used. One participant asks what the difference is. Col. Heydrich smiles and asks if he might postpone that answer just now. He calmly lets the discussion continue around the room.

Concerning the issue of immigration, Col. Heydrich says calmly, once the policies are in place, “there will be no Jews in Europe.” There is applause around the table.

As the meeting progresses, protests to issues are calmly put aside. Several times, Col. Heydrich asks that the objections be postponed because they will be dealt with later in the discussion.

One official, who works directly with the German Chancellery to carry out the government’s Jewish policy, argues that “We had an understanding about what the policy with the Jews was to be. We are to use them in the work force,” he says. Suddenly, as if a revelation has just come to him, one military leader said, “I shot 30,000 Jews. Is what I did an evacuation? I need a clarification of words.”

The discussion pauses as Col. Heydrich considers the answer. Before he can answer, the Chancellery bureaucrat says, “That is not what the Fuhrer told me. He has denied that killing the Jews is to be our policy.” Col. Heydrich calmly answers him, “and it will continue to be denied.” The room goes silent, as all understand the meaning of that comment.

When the discussion gets heated, Col. Heydrich calls for a break and asks for snacks and drink to be brought in. As the participants break up into small groups to eat and talk, the Colonel pulls the protesting official aside for a private discussion. Before it is over, the protesting participant is calmed and agreeable. As the meeting resumes, Col. Heydrich says with satisfaction:

“If I may speak for the group, we are moving along.” He firmly, but softly guides the discussion.

Finally, the discussion of evacuation takes a turn. Some Jews, the group is told, will be evacuated swiftly. “Can we all agree that ‘evacuation’ means ‘elimination?’” says Col. Heydrich. In that one moment, everyone understands the direction of the meeting.

The discussion turns to methods. And then Adolf Eichmann reveals the creation of the gas chambers and discusses their incredible efficiency.

They break for lunch. As they return the Colonel says, “It is now our purpose to make the plan work — not to discuss the ifs.” It becomes clear what the policy is to be.

As the meeting moves to conclusion, Col. Heydrich asks each of them if there are any disputes left to face “with what we have agreed.” There are no disputes. One by one, each agrees to the plan “we have made.” The meeting ends as Col. Heydrich says, “Good, we have accomplished something.”

In the course of two hours, over good food and wine, respected politicians and political leaders have sat in a room and have been slowly and expertly maneuvered to agree with a plan to completely eliminate an entire race of human beings from the face of the Earth. This was a professionally facilitated consensus meeting.

What does the story mean to you today? That is exactly the tactic being used in every single city council meeting, county commissioner meeting, state government hearing, and Congressional hearing in this nation to impose the UN’s Agenda 21 into American policy: the use of a professionally trained facilitator, armed with a predetermined outcome.

This is how Sustainable Development is being implemented to replace our Republic. And they are making you think it’s your idea.

Words have no meaning. Principles and the rule of law are just quaint ideas. First, we accept Mr Sagar’s globally-acceptable truths – removing reason from the discussion. Then we just fill in the blanks. Evacuate. Eliminate. Same difference.

But the story about the Nazis’ creation of the final solution of the Jews may relate to each of us in a much more personal way.

A New Storage Problem

Consider this: replace the word “Jew” with the word “Patriot,” and then review the story again. Harsh, you say? Over the top? Let me remind you that today we have a Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and its sole mission is to define and find enemies of the state.

While most Americans think the Agency’s job is to protect us from Middle-Eastern terrorists, the DHS has spent an incredible amount of time issuing reports and warning about threats this government faces from one group specifically – American right-wing extremists.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, an extremist bordering on terrorism is anyone who is concerned over the economy, loss of jobs, or foreclosures; has antagonism toward the Obama Administration; has criticism of pseudo-free-trade programs like NAFTA and the Security and Prosperity Partnership; is anti-abortion; is opposed to same sex marriage; believes in the “end times;” stockpiles food, ammunition, and weapons; opposes illegal immigration; opposes a New World Order; opposes the United Nations; opposes loss of US prestige; and uses the Internet or alternative media to express any of these ideas.

In short, anyone holding personal or political opinions different from that held by the federal authority is a potentially violent threat to the government. According to that description, the only people in the nation who fit the proper mold, and therefore are the perfect model citizens for the village, are the mindless couch potatoes who watch Oprah and get their news from John Stewart on Comedy Central.

The threat from right-wing extremists is becoming globally acceptable truth.

Since the reports have been released and the threat defined, now, each time there is an act of violence against an abortion clinic, the news media says: see – just like the DHS warned.

The shooting at the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, just a few weeks after the release of the DHWS report on “right-wing extremism” was followed immediately by news reports and special side bar articles repeating the DHS reports – justifying the warnings. As your TEA Parties are monitored by federal agents, perhaps as this conference is being monitored, as the federal government places our biometric profiles in international databases, with cameras using software to watch how we walk, dress, or sweat to determine if we have bad thoughts – as due process is replaced by intimidation – most Americans ignore it, happy to be protected.

And now, at Town Hall meetings, where Americans are supposed to take up issues with their elected representatives, union goons are intimidating and assaulting honest Americans.

Yet, like sheep, the news media dutifully report the globally acceptable truth that these protests are actually orchestrated by malcontents and extremists.

This government, you see, has a new storage problem to deal with – those pesky patriots who keep quoting the Founding Fathers, whom the government keeps trying to eliminate from the history books.

To fully impose the agenda, you must be silenced. How far will they go? Does silence mean “evacuate” or “eliminate?”

My friends, can you connect the dots? Do you understand? This control of the ability to think and act on one’s own is the root – the key – to whom and what we are up against. It is the horror unveiled.

As my friend Dr. Ed Berry so eloquently put it, those who ignore these warnings, believing all is well, are “partying on the train to Auschwitz.”

Our Global Elders

Of course, the alternative to the chaos of a free society is the global village: peace, order, harmony; everyone in their place. Strict enforcement of the rules assures crime stops.

Rather than the din of millions of individual voices, confusing us with science and facts and absolutes, we’ll have the calming voices of the village elders – whose wisdom will save us all from the need to think or act for ourselves.

Tell us, our fathers, what should we do? Again, you say – over the top. DeWeese is just playing with fantasy. Well, not so fast. Let me introduce you to our self-appointed Elders of the Global Village.

Recently, they boldly announced themselves and even set up a website. Their announcement said, “We are moving to a global village and yet we don’t have our global elders. The Elders can be a group who have the trust of the world, who can speak freely, be fiercely independent and respond fast and flexibly in conflict situations.”

It seems, with all the chaos in the world, our need is great for the strong hand of gods on high – with the ability to look out over the Earth and see danger and swoop in to fix it.

And who could such supermen be? There are 12 of them, including Nelson Mandela: the terrorist who actually practiced “necklacing” on his own people – you know – put a burning rubber tire around their necks.

Then there is Desmond Tutu, the great humanitarian whose great answer to poverty is life-long bread lines; And Gro Bruntland, the inventor of Sustainable Development; and Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary General who did more to create UN global governance than any other; and Jimmy Carter. These are the ones you most likely have heard of.

They are serious. They are meeting. They are involved with the transformation you and I are fighting, and they are committed to take power.

These self-appointed saviors represent the end of self-government and your ability to own your life. They won’t have time to be bothered with trivial issues like your home, your family, or your dreams. They have much loftier goals to deal with.

And oh yes, the Executive Director of the Global Elders, the man working to put them on the throne is none other than Robert Pastor – the man who gave away the Panama Canal and is now working to create the North American Union.

Sustainable Development; Total Surveillance Society; Department of Homeland Security; Global Village; Globally Acceptable Truth; Global Elders; Global Governance.

This is the blueprint for the creation of a new dark age of pain and misery, fueled by mindless superstition and ignorance and the drive to control the world. It is the destruction of our civilization.

Equality 7-2521

To fully understand the massive changes to our society that we are witnessing, I suggest you read a tiny little book, written decades ago by Ayn Rand, called Anthem.

It describes a society that emerged after a great war, a society built on the top of an old order – now forgotten and forbidden – called the Unmentionable Times.

The people now exist only to serve the state. They are conceived in Controlled Palaces of Mating. They die in the Home of the Useless. From cradle to grave, the crowd is one – a great WE – led and controlled by The Elders.

They have no names, no individuality and no identity – only numbers – like in EVerify.

As in today’s School to Work program, jobs are assigned to them. As in today’s Smart Growth policy, there is a wall around the city, beyond which no one can travel into what is called the Uncharted Forest.

But the Elders hadn’t counted on one who didn’t go along, one who insisted on the ability to think for himself. His name is Equality 7-2521. He is a street sweeper who longs to be in the Council of Scholars, to work with science and knowledge.

One day, while sweeping the streets, Equality 7-2521 discovers a hole and inside he finds a tunnel – left from the Unmentionable Times. He discovers an odd, unknown device – an electric light.

He takes it to the Council of Scholars, certain they will be thrilled with the discovery that will make their lives better. Surely now they will let him stay with them. Not only is he rejected – he is threatened with death for trying to question the wisdom of the Elders and disrupting the harmony of the village.

He runs, into the Uncharted Forest – there to find a house from the Unmentionable Times – and in it a library. There he finds words he has never heard before. The words he needs to understand who he is – the word “I,” the word “Ego,” and the word “Individual.”

All these words the elders tried to destroy – because they are the words that threaten their power over the masses. Those words give the people their own power – the power to think for themselves.

That is the power you must never surrender. We are in a battle between liberty and tyranny.

The social, economic, and political transformations Sustainable Development requires will mean the suppression of the human spirit. This is the enemy we face. Every other issue is just a symptom. Understand that fact alone and become a very dangerous enemy to their schemes.

Those armed with Donald Sagar’s blueprint now haunt the upper levels of the UN, the federal government, ––and your city council chambers.

They have achieved many of their goals, but they have not yet won. And their arrogance and impatience is resulting in a stirring of the American people. Their whole agenda is built on a house of cards that stands only when you are ignorant and compliant.

Now is our time. Now is the time to write, speak out, protest, and demonstrate. Demand. Refuse.

As Gandhi said, “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then we win.”


Tom DeWeese is the President of the American Policy Center and the Editor of The DeWeese ReportThe DeWeese Report is now available online. For more information, click here.

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