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Maria Konovalenko’s Longevity Cookbook Project

It is commonplace to see the promotion of narrowly-focused, goal-oriented diets that claim to help you lose fat and gain six-pack abs, etc. There are many conflicting claims about the best diet for “everyone” based on dubious, or even unstated,… Continue Reading →

Fixing the Brain – Dr. Lisa Ellerby’s Research on Huntington’s Disease

I have just returned from Oman, one of the most progressive countries in the Middle East with their healthcare system ranking 8 in the world. The reason that brought me to such an unusual destination was the Buck Advisory Council… Continue Reading →

I am an “Aging Fighter” Because Life is the Main Human Right, Demand and Desire

I am an aging fighter. I would very much like to live forever, but most importantly I would like all the people in the world to have this opportunity. I work for the Science for Life Extension Foundation in Moscow,… Continue Reading →

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