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David Pearce

Opinion: The Abolitionist Project – suffering and how to get rid of it

INTRODUCTION This talk is about suffering and how to get rid of it. I predict we will abolish suffering throughout the living world. Our descendants will be animated by gradients of genetically preprogrammed well-being that are orders of magnitude richer… Continue Reading →

Parasites, Predators and Serial Killers (Part 2 of “Reprogramming Predators”)

[Part 1 of this essay appearsHERE) Suffocationinduces a sense of extreme panic. It’s a comparatively rare experience in contemporary human life, althoughpanic disorder, an anxiety disorder characterized by recurring severe panic attacks, is extremely unpleasant and quite common. Whatever its… Continue Reading →

Opinion: The Abolitionist Project: Can Biotech Abolish Suffering Throughout the Living World?

David Pearce is an independent researcher and vegan animal activist based in Brighton UK. In 1995, he wrote an online manifesto, The Hedonistic Imperative, advocating the use of biotechnology to abolish suffering throughout the living world. Here’s a videotape of… Continue Reading →

Opinion: The Problem of Predation (Part 1 of “Reprogramming Predators”)

“And the wolf shall dwell with the lamb and the leopard shall lie down with the kid, and the
 calf and the young lion and the yearling together and a little child shall lead them.”  
Isaiah 11:6 “The total amount… Continue Reading →

Is Humanity Accelerating Towards… Apocalypse? or Utopia?

Will the future provide us with a genetically preprogrammed blissful paradise, or a global catastrophe? Will there be cessation of all suffering, or annihilation of all sentient life?   The history of futurology is not encouraging. Most “predictions” by futurists… Continue Reading →

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