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Samantha Atkins

To Have ALL, Give ALL to All

To Have ALL, give ALL to all. What on earth can this mean? How can we have everything if we give everything away? Is that what the above actually says? Is to give to be without that which was given?… Continue Reading →

We have always been “Transhumanists” – Yearning for Transcendence

Human beings have yearned to transcend the pains and limitations of their condition since far back in prehistoric times.  We have yearned to be free of sickness, aging, and death.  Yearned to have an abundance of all good and necessary… Continue Reading →

Species Crunch Time – A Possible Means of Resolution

The Most Exciting (and dangerous) Time There comes a time in the developmental history of every intelligent evolved species that requires a significant set of choices for the species to survive and thrive.   A species comes to this point when… Continue Reading →

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