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Christopher Benek

The Singularity: Christianity’s New Eschatological Hope (opinion)

(editors note: ok enough about sending me complaints, is about looking at all transhumanist topics as long as they are not offensive and some what logical and Christian transhumanist material is reasonable, if you want to see other topics stop complaining… Continue Reading →

Why Christians Should Embrace Transhumanism

Transhumanism, by definition, is a worldwide cultural and intellectual endeavor that has the end objective of transforming humanity by developing and extensively providing technologies that significantly enhance the intellectual, physical and psychological capacities of human beings. During much of the… Continue Reading →

A Vote for the Transhumanist Party Presidential Candidate Is a Vote for Tyranny (opinion)

I am advocate for transhumanism, rightly defined. I am certainly not a technophobe who perceives all technology to be bad. In my opinion, human technology – like all matter – is a tool that can be used for good or… Continue Reading →

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