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What Are Mindfiles?

A mindfile is the sum of saved digital reflections about you.  All of the stored emails, chats, texts, IMs and blogs that you write are part of your mindfile.  All of the uploaded photos, slide shows and movies that involve… Continue Reading →

Why Cyberconsciousness Won’t Take Aeons to Evolve

Humanity is devoting some of its best minds, from a wide diversity of fields, to helping software achieve consciousness. The quest is not especially difficult as it is a capability that can be intelligently designed; there is no need to… Continue Reading →

How Can a Mindclone Be Immortal If It’s Not Even Alive?

Mindclones—consciousness in post-biological media—will feel as full of life as we biological creatures. It is amazing that out of the countless trillions of ways molecules can be arranged, only a few million ways result in things that can reproduce themselves. … Continue Reading →

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