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Mind File Format (MXL or mind file XML format Language)

In my research at AGI Laboratory, I ran into an indexing problem for seed material.  I know there is a project online where you can have create these mind files and add your memories and other details to them.  The… Continue Reading →

What Are Mindfiles?

A mindfile is the sum of saved digital reflections about you.  All of the stored emails, chats, texts, IMs and blogs that you write are part of your mindfile.  All of the uploaded photos, slide shows and movies that involve… Continue Reading →

Preserving your past to chat with your future

Turkish entrepreneurs turn to Kickstarter to crowdfund an ambitious business dream… Cagatay(Chad) Ozgur and Ekim Nazim Kaya are Turkish born businessmen on a mission to move humanity forward into the future. With past experience building, leading and growing high tech… Continue Reading →

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