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Ghost in the shell 2045 Episode 3 Themes

The first thing that was notable in this episode is the reinforcement of the fact that despite the whole range of mods, upgrades, and entire custom builds not one of the team have any parts that are fundamentally different from… Continue Reading →

GITS 2045 episode 2 themes

This series is deeply engaged with economics.  While it is generally less direct most events in the early episodes deal with economic disparities to one extent or another.  Nowhere is this more direct and consistent than in the opening theme.  … Continue Reading →

Trends in Regenerative Medicine

This is just a taste of what is out there.  A quick snippet of a few of the myriad trends that are coalescing toward a regenerative medicine movement that will transform the world.  Hopefully they provide some useful insight into… Continue Reading →

Making way for better competition through science.

The recent introduction of new technologies to various sporting fields has had a profound effect on these games. Records are being broken across the board as with the support of these tools the physical capacity of an athlete is given… Continue Reading →

H+ Media Review, Ghost in the Shell SAC 2045

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex 2045   Episode 1, No Noise, No Life. review   Ghost in the shell has long been one of the most visible Transhuman series.  With several series, films, and manga it has become… Continue Reading →

Space Force – Building the future of military activity on the highest ground.

A brief outline of Space Force The concept of a Space Force has been around for a long time and has been on the political stage more than once.  As the name suggests it is a military division dedicated to… Continue Reading →

Seasteading – Cities in the seas

The idea of building cities on the waves is an ancient one.  From the pragmatic approaches of Venice and the Netherlands to the fanciful tales of Atlantis, it is a concept that has captured the human imagination. Using the vast… Continue Reading →

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