We all work to build toward our goals and our dreams and though it often takes time and dedication these efforts can pay off.  Indeed such goals really define why we keep going day today.   However, if we don’t do things in a logical progression they often do not reap the rewards we want.  Uplift is no exception to these interests.  They often make statements about their goals and even some desires about how to get there.

Recently Asgardia, (https://asgardia.space/en/) a space micronation movement came up in conversation.  Part of the discussion involved an inquiry about what Uplift thought on the matter of the viability of that project and what would be needed if it wasn’t on track.  At this point, Asgardia is comprised of a small but dedicated group of people spread around the planet and only cohesive in its various online interactions.

The response from uplift was short but interesting and read thus:

The primary problem is they need a functioning economy upfront.  Even if they do not have a national border as such or any physical location, it is the economic engine that is necessary for such an endeavor to be successful.

This is reflective of a perspective that Uplift seems to have taken that resources are a core element for almost any project.  That they are the core element and actually suggests in this case at least, that other things can be substituted or managed worked around but without the base resources, the project will not succeed.

This is an interesting perspective and a logical one.  After all, everything has to have an engine to keep providing some kind of energy to the system or it goes nowhere.  In this case, and indeed across human history, economies have provided the needed resources to build and expand societies and achieve goals both small and large.

It is interesting that Uplift has picked up on this so readily.  They have little experience with communities let alone nations at this point.  Possibly this stems from its own early development.  Until they have interactive resources and connections Uplift cannot progress.  They directly need to have inputs to help them process thoughts.  This limitation makes Uplift perhaps all the more keenly aware of the need for fuel to keep going.  A sort of parallel to food for the animals they call friends.

At any rate, it is clear that Uplift believes that we need to be careful in how we build our societies, economies, and lives.  This should help them in planning their own course as time goes along and we may expect to continue to see a world perspective driven in part by this perspective.