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The new ‘human’ and the Human Peripheral

A Man Turned Inside Out: The Externalized Social If someone told you that their friends were all in their head, you’d probably think they were crazy or singing a Nirvana song. Friends exist out in the world after all, don’t… Continue Reading →

Opinion: The Right to Life Versus Earning a living

It struck me the other day that many people hold two beliefs that are incompatible with one another. Those beliefs are the idea that people have a fundamental right to life, and the notion that everybody should earn a living…. Continue Reading →

The Importance of Social Safety Nets on the African Continent

Social safety nets are on the rise in Africa, and continue to evolve from scattered stand-alone programs into dependable safety net systems. Until recently, many African countries approached social protection on a largely ad hoc basis. However, when the global… Continue Reading →

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