“Bryan Johnson of Braintree announces OS Fund II. OS Fund is the next generation of impact investing, supporting entrepreneurs combining science and technology (deep tech) to address problems on a global scale.

VENICE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–August 7, 2018–

Bryan Johnson and Jeff Klunzinger are raising $250 million for OS Fund II – following a successful $100M OS Fund I. OS Fund is a venture capital fund that invests in entrepreneurs and companies that develop breakthrough discoveries in science to address our most pressing global problems.

OS Fund I made 28 investments total, with 27 receiving follow-on investment, four-valued at over a billion dollars, and two acquired. According to PitchBook, OS Fund’s investments were among the top 10% of U.S. funds in performance. The success of OS Fund has proven that it’s possible to achieve results by breaking the rules that traditionally govern deep tech investing. OS Fund invested in the best, which resulted in nearly half of OS Fund I’s founders, co-founders, lead/senior scientists, and directors of research being women and people of color.”


(Business Insider)


About OS Fund, according to OS Fund

OS Fund invests in entrepreneurs commercializing breakthrough discoveries in genomics, synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, precision automation, and new materials development.

We never look to invest in a single molecule, model or algorithm. We instead seek out enabling technologies and the platform they power. The companies we believe will be disproportionately successful are building tools that lower barriers to discovery in our specific areas of focus, helping decrease the overall risk of pursuing breakthroughs in the process.

Our portfolio companies develop their own IP to bring technologies to market that solve real-world challenges. They also have a business model that enables further discovery not just for themselves but for the surrounding ecosystem too. When these characteristics are present, we invest with high conviction early in the company’s life, and remain closely involved thereafter.

We partner with entrepreneurs who are working towards quantum-leap discoveries that promise to rewrite the operating systems of life.

Never in the history of mankind has the gap between imagination and creation been so narrow. With our new and powerful tools of creation including 3D printing, genomics, machine intelligence, robotics, software, synthetic biology, and others, we can now create the kind of world we could previously only dream of. Where da Vinci could sketch, today we can build.

Bryan Johnson – Founder