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Jeremy Wei

Humanity’s ‘Final Institute’ (Part 2)

Our society is currently tailored to the idea that governing the masses assumes the responsibility of directing the irrational; these people can only be included in rational endeavors through the use of irrational direction. This was the motivation behind developing… Continue Reading →

Humanity’s ‘Final Institute’ (Part 1)

The concern for the future of humanity is becoming more imperative as exponential technology brings us to the brink of the most fragile time in human history. Existential risk is a matter that is necessary to contemplate proactively rather than… Continue Reading →

The Nature of Existence

However arbitrary the laws of physics governing the universe seem to us, they are in fact what dictated the arrangement and manipulation of matter in such a way that allowed for “Life” to form. The formation of earth’s specific entities… Continue Reading →

Why ASI Will Need Mankind

Mankind has come closer than any other lifeform to answering the “Why” because of our supreme level of intelligence.   The enhancement of this intelligence is the only way to enhance our understanding of the universe. Developing AI is, in itself,… Continue Reading →

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