Our society is currently tailored to the idea that governing the masses assumes the responsibility of directing the irrational; these people can only be included in rational endeavors through the use of irrational direction. This was the motivation behind developing a society that operates on a currency exchange system; motivating the creation of value with utilization of the selfish gene. It is certainly easy to direct the intentions of man this way, however, one cannot deny the fact that it is extremely inefficient. Encouraging this way of life instills problems such as selfishness, crime, and eventually, war. Governing people this way results in humans doing only that which is necessary to satisfy their current, somewhat arbitrary, level of greed, made relative to their upbringing. After this is met, a rather stagnant existence is in store for the remainder of their years, which wastes an incredible amount of potential.

Religion has also been used to direct the irrational by encouraging a peaceful unification of man as God’s creation. However, problems arise when specific ideals conflict with those of other religions. There also comes a certain docile nature that gets instilled as a result of being convinced of knowing the answer to everything. When one comes to terms with the fact that this life is of little meaning, relative to an eternity in heaven, it eliminates a significant amount of ambition to improve it. Instead the goal in life is to simply spread the message. Rational thought becomes suppressed, and we except the fact that we are merely creations of a higher being; designed specifically this way, with no capability of correcting our flaws. We simply ask for forgiveness and then move on in life, without necessarily take full responsibility. We just assume that God made us this way, and there is nothing that we can do.

By combining our instinctual nature of progressing the human species with that of the incentive regarding the common direction towards answering the “Why”, collaboration and cooperation will be maximized. The masses will be motivated to seek out the highest level of importance that that they can be, relative to the highest value they are capable of providing. The most capable will naturally adhere to their highest potential and result in the most efficient progression. There will also be a worldwide sense of fulfillment, as everyone understands that the end goal is being met in the most efficient manner. If they understand this and act accordingly, they will satisfyingly know that they are pursuing the most meaningful path in life. If someone else can do the job better, then there is no need for him or her to do it, thus, they can do something next on the level of importance. The common end goal ensures a shared sense of accomplishment.

Priority should be made relative to the most important endeavor that one can contribute to. This will ensure maximum fulfillment and happiness, as the individual will understand that they are legitimately pursuing the most meaningful path in life. When deciding which role to undertake, a sense of practicality will naturally be considered as the individual will not legitimately consider options that they do not have capability of contributing to. As they apply, the recruiter will naturally choose the candidate that can provide the most value. Thus, the applicant has nothing to worry about, because if they could actually help the end goal, they would have been chosen, if not the end goal is still being met in a more efficient than they could have provided. Their intention is in regards to the betterment of mankind, so this situation would actually be hoped for, as it implies that the job is being done in an even more efficient manner. So they move on to the next most important role, until they find some way to help.

The people who are capable of more important roles certainly take on more responsibility, as they now understand that they are legitimately the best person for the job. There comes a certain level of pressure that will make them feel obliged to focus 24/7. Where as a person that falls into a role of lesser importance will not have to live with this pressure, as there is only so much that can be done. They may get to appreciate leisure, while someone of higher responsibility may not get this luxury. Of course, the more gifted individual will not so much desire leisure, because they will get a greater sense of fulfillment from acting in accordance to their gift.

These practical endeavors are important, as they are the driving force that will bring us toward our ideal future. However, those gifted in the impractical talents of the arts, should also be valued. If the nature of the universe is what drives the existence and progression of us life forms, our instincts must have developed to encourage the things that support this function. So, we know that this evolutionary process designed us to behave in accordance with the nature of the universe. Dopamine fluctuations adhere to the encouragement of this specific way of existing; instincts. The curious aspect of these instincts lies in the human desire to not only grow as a species, but to enjoy and appreciate life; art; music, aesthetics, etc. These things provide no tangible value to the end goal, but rather express the very nature of “life” itself; not for the physical benefit regarding our material form, but the shear appreciation and wonderment for existence. Perhaps this is the unmeddled vessel of expression pertaining to the nature that we adhere to, thus, its tradition should be carried on respectively.

Without an end goal in mind, we have no idea what future we are shaping. All of the problems that arise are a result of past events that were dictated by the same nature of solving problems with shortterm solutions. The path that is set in motion in the present dictates the problems that will arise in the future. The path that we have been establishing has been to simply survive, which doesn’t consider future direction, thus, we are establishing a future of a continued reaction. We will continue to simply survive until a direction toward an ideal future is established with forward thinking and implementation. Once this is done, there will be fewer surprise catastrophes, because the future that we are now shaping is being driven by thoughtful action that allows us to prepare rather than react. By eliminating reaction, we are eliminating a random future.

Solving problems relative to the necessity of survival is obviously important, but this should not be our primary source of motivation. Living in fear is a very inefficient way to progress, as it will set the bar at an arbitrary low level of practicality made relative to our current needs. In other words, we will
only progress as quickly as it is necessary to surpass the most impending obstacle that threatens our survival. Once this priority is dealt with, we remain rather stagnant, until nature forces us to react and adapt again. This is the nature of living organisms, as it is how evolution dictated our way of thinking. Our instincts have adapted to the idea that our end goal is simply to survive and reproduce. This is the extent to our instinctual ambition and will remain true unless directed otherwise.

The future is coming and it’s being made relative to what path we choose to go down from day to day. Time will continue to pass whether we like it or not. Doing anything that is outside of the most efficient path, according to what we understand it to be, would be deliberately choosing a random path, thus, a random future. Our best option is to progress on the most efficient path in the general direction towards mankind’s end goal.


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