(Provo, UT) Building future communities has had a lot of talk, and a lot of trials, a lot of experiments and more.  At the Transhuman House we have been building out infrastructure, building community locally and documenting other groups and projects.  One near by project is focused on high tech high-density cities that have ‘condo’s that have rooms that evolve into different spaces at the owners request or the bio cell research and the aquaculture lab.

The Transhuman House funded by the Foundation is asking for people that want to be residents at the Transhuman House.  If you really want to make a difference come to the Transhuman House and help create, design and build a Post Human Future.

The Transhuman House currently is a 3 bedroom condo, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath and more with a wide range of technologies including several IoT networks, robots, a touch wall, Smart Blinds, The Foundation Library and more.  Low rent (subsidized by the Foundation), co-op structure, surrounded by Transhumanism, local Transhumanist projects etc.  live social futurism now…

Check out some of it at http://House.Transhumanity.net/ but if you want to really help contact us at david@artificialgeneralintelligenceinc.com