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The Exosphere Academy program is both about gaining skills while simultaneously exchanging experiences, knowledge, working and collaborating with participants from around the world looking to do incredible things and create more meaningful lives.

Join in the Creative Economy! 

Exosphere is composed so that that participants are part of one of five “streams”, each of which have a mentor assigned to them. Each of the participants of the stream will learn and dig deep into individual and business philosophy and its applications by doing workshops, presentations, assignments and session, while working on real projects. These may be their personal projects, projects presented by the mentor, or from external organizations. The program is immersive. The participants of the stream will live, work, and collaborate together. The mentor will be in charge of following the process of the participants and adapting the content according to what they are looking to learn and build. A lot of this work and time will be spent at the house where the participants live for the 8 weeks.

In addition to this, there is a core curriculum that is built to develop collaboration between the streams, with interdisciplinary workshops, sessions, and discussions on business, philosophy, entrepreneurship, design thinking, personal growth, etc. These activities take place in our co-working space. Here is where the participants have the opportunity to develop new relations and dynamics to add value to themselves and their projects from different points of view.

Tuition includes program and housing + utilities (totally 4600 per student)

The housing service offers a shared room and bathroom in the Stream’s house

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