The Future of AI Workshop is an industry event, jointly organized by BICA Society, Microsoft, BCG, and other major organizations in academia and the corporate world that are coming together in Redmond, Washington USA to investigate the future of AI. The Workshop is held as a part of BICA 2019: The Tenth Annual International Conference on Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures. During its 10 years, the BICA conference grew out of its original scope reflected in its title, and now serves the most ambitious part of the entire AI community, while keeping its focus on the BICA Challenge — to build a real-life computational equivalent of the human mind. Those who cannot commit to the entire BICA 2019 conference, will be able to attend the half-day workshop only.

Our goal in this Future of AI event is to help move us all forward to a better future with Artificial Intelligence technologies.  Register and come enjoy the fun August 15th for the workshop and the 16th through the 18th for the BICA Conference!

Register here at the BICA 2019 registration site:;cID=7

The event (August 15th) will have three series of five-minute lighting rounds, each with a keynote and networking activities.  Research posters will be up around the room for you to check out the latest AI research from industry and academia.

3 PM – 4 PM – Doors open and networking

4 PM – 5 PM – Industry 1 Lightning Rounds

5 PM – 5:20 PM – Keynote

5:20 PM – 6 PM – Networking

6 PM – 7 PM – Industry 2 Lightning Rounds

7 PM – 8 PM – Round 3 – BICA Lighting Rounds

8 PM – 9 PM – Networking

There may be some unofficial parties and dinners after the session, this information will become available later.

Submissions for Lightning Rounds and/or Poster Presentations

All submissions should be made via EasyChair using the following link: (no email submissions please).

Submission instructions: login as an author, then on the next page select the correct track for your submission.
For Industry Lightning Rounds and Posters, select the first track: “Future of AI Workshop – Industry” (handled by David J. Kelley).
For BICA Lightning Rounds, select the second track: “Future of AI Workshop – BICA Lighting Rounds” (handled by Alexei Samsonovich).
On the next page, under “Your expected presentation category”, check one of the three:
– Lightning Talk Only
– Lightning Talk plus a Poster
– Poster or Miniposter Only
(or, select “Keynote / Invited Talk”, if you are the invited Keynote).
Under “Publication Preferences”, you may check all that is acceptable for you.
File attachments are not required.

Note: this agenda is preliminary and is subject to change.