(Provo) The robotics system in question is called an Avatar because it is a platform for a cloud-based AGI test system to interact in the real world. The #iamtranshuman moniker is going on the Avatar Android prototype’s head built by the AGI Lab that is scheduled to come out in Q3 of 2020. The Avatar is a test platform that will be tied to implementations of ICOM (Independent Core Observer Model) and mASI (mediated Artificial Superintelligence) systems running in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. From a robotics standpoint, there are a lot of details that are not public, but the machine will allow the systems to interact in the real world and the only picture we got attached (see attached) shows where the #iamtranshuman moniker will go. This ‘head’ mount includes dual osculating 3D and infrared camera systems (from a partnership with Intel and Microsoft) as well as other sensors behind a steel mesh.

Read additional information here: https://iamtranshuman.org/2019/12/04/iamtranshuman-goes-on-to-robotics-agi-lab-research-platform-called-an-avatar-press/